Gute Nachrichten, um die Welt neu zu sehen

A Comment from Ringo

A Comment from Ringo

The World and it’s Problems:

When we look and considder the problems with what mankind and the World is confronted today, we notice a selfmade dilemma which is caused by greed, hate, conqurance, revenge, want, misstrust and all the other things what mankind have devoleped over the years of his evolution on the Earth.

Where did it all come from?

Could it be that we once lived in a paradise in Heaven and we behaved ourselves just like we are doing today on Earth and therefore were we all cast out of that Heaven down on the Earth where, we could fight our stupid conflicts out amongst eachother before we are allowed to return into that Heaven?

What if God did say unto mankind as we lived in Heaven and were fighting against eachother: listen, my Heaven is not a place for war and hate, therefore go where you can fight your fights but not here in Heaven, not in my paradise what I have built!

Imagine that we were cast down to Earth to get our wrongs right and try to solve our conflicts by practicing Love amongst each other. But as we can see, mankind have made great acheivments towards tecnological development, but towards Peace and Love amongst eachother, very little.

Mankind behaves themselves like 5 year old children in a sand box or in kindergarden. Every one claims that what the other have as his or hers, and if you should talk to him or her I’m not your friend any more, and if you dont give me what I want, I’ll come and take it away from you and all such.

We see seperation, dictation, oppression, and the integrity of mankind what is belittled by a few who believes that they have the right to suppress and discredit an other person or persons as a daily practice amongst brotherin and sisterin, citizens and folks on our planet.

Confusius taught us that the individual right stands over the right of the athority and is therefore untouchable. This doesn’t mean that the individual should be dissrespectfull against the athority, but it means that the athority should also have respect for the right of the individual as well as the individual for the athority.

Respect comes from respect and dissrespect from dissrespect. As it is needed by a negative and a possitive pole to create electricity so that a light bulb can burn, so could the athority as well as the individual unify themselves to create a positivity towards a mutual understanding for our success of future living here on Earth amongst eachother.

For three years ago (2009) as I spoke unto you in Myspace, I was touched in the night by him, who told me not to Stopp writing and that I shouldn’t sleep but should stay awake because evil men are planing to destroy the Earth. I asked him what can I do to Stop those wicked and crazy men from their wicked intentions? I was told to Preach Peace in the World and bring Peace unto mankind and lead mankind away from his missunderstandings.


Bob Marley asked to bring the voice of the Rastaman communicating to every one, I do speak.


I can speak unto mankind and sacrifice my life to save all mankind, but what is the sacrifice of my life worth when mankind continues in his old dilimma of evil intentions, I asked?

Still I found myself speaking for the Rights of mankind, the Peace and Love of all. But every time I close one door towards evil someone opens up a nother one and I ask the question why, do you really think that you’ll have enough time to reverse the damage before it’s too late? If you can, then it’s ok, but when not, wouldn’t it be a great waste?

By all this I recognized that the conflict between brothers were still existant and I taught that all men were liars and come short only by the glory of God. It’s like if cane killed abel and able was asking for revenge after all these years and never forgave his brother for what he’ve done. I dont know if it’s so, but it looks that way.

I shall point out a few of the things what I think are causes for some of the conflicts of our present time.

Russia/USA:Mr.Primeminister Putin newly said that the demonstrations in Russia was instrumented from the west. Now Mr.Putin, just last year you made a statement that the American government and the American people are Paracites. Did you think that Mrs.Clinton would have let this rest on her and her Nation? No! This is maybe why she said that you have faked the voting election newly in Russia, maybe she was waiting for the right moment where she could pay you back in saying such. Have you ever taught of it from this point of view? And still I dont believe that Mrs.Clinton is fault for the protest what we now see in Russia.

I asked you last year Mr.Putin to show the people of the Caucasus rigeon more love and help them in their needs and by so doing you shoula have won all my heart. Why do you go down to Caucasus killing those innocent people, is it to calm your anger against the demonstrators in moskow or against me? The caucasus region was quiet and peacefull, why do you have to send soldiers down there breaking down houses and distroying lives Mr.Putin? you guys believe that through wars and Violance your problems will be solved, this kind of thinking is false.

Do you believe that I have something to do with the protest in your land Mr.Putin? No I dont, but it’s the Citizens of Russia who are tired of your politics and wishes democratic elections. Besides this there are a great deal of people out there who hates you Mr.Primeminister Putin, and after all, I still Love you today as I did yesterday and this you ought to know!

You want free and Democratic elections in Russia Mr.Putin? Give the Political prissoners who you have cast into prisson free and let them do campaining.

The truth maybe an offence but it’s not a sin!

If the NATO should set up a rocket defence system in Germany without your concentment oh Russia, would you be angry? Could you understand why would the NATO and Germany do such?

Just imagine you dont have controll over Asads behaviour and the situation there, do you think you would have controll over Iran if they were to get started, and can you protect or better said, would you protect Europa if rockets were to be targeted at it?

You Russia are friends of Iran and Syria while they considder the West as ungodly or what ever. Could you understand these reactions and fears of the NATO and Europa when they seek to protect themselves and their peoples?

Ukraine and Thimochenko:The former President of the Ukraine Thimochenko was put into prison because she alledgedly made a contract which was not correctly concepted with the Russian government. Mr.Putin you were the one who made this contract with her during your rule as president. You should have known that, that contract was not correct. Today this sick woman must spend time in prisson in a wheel chair, is that Human like? Under the rule of the present government of the Ukraine is the same thing being practice for what Thimochenko came into Prisson. Would you see to it that the pressent President of the Ukraine be put into prisson when the Ukraine steals your gass supplies as you now claim them to be doing? I dont think so.

Libya and Syria:As the conflict in Libya was started, it was some governments of Africa and the government of white Russia who sent Merceneries to shoot down the citizens of Libya. Only after the NATO went in, you called it an internal problem and saw the intervention of the NATO and the west as a Crusade. You should have known this before white Russia and Africa sent in their Merceneries, isn’t this right?

Today, the Syrian government Asad kills his citizens while you Russia and China says that no one should go down there. How long Russia, how long China?

China:China, wasn’t it a man like President Asad is, his name was Jon kai ching against who Mao fought to save the souls of the Chinese people? Wasn’t it the Mao, who you so greatly honours who save you from such a dictator as Asad, the president of Syria? I then ask the question, how can you support such a one as Asad and his attrosities?

Israel/Iran:It is said that every time the Earth shakes in Iran, President Nethanjahu runs into his Atomic shelter for the fear that Iran could have started an attack on him.

What we see here is the fear of one man. This one man’s fear is enough to set the whole world on fire, nothing else.

On the other hand we have a President in Iran who preaches daily, the total illimination of Israel, and wonders when Israel poses to attack and distroy them. Just like two grown up children with exclusive play toys. Return to commonsence.

I thank God that we have a President in the USA (President Obama) who is a Peace maker and Diplomat and not a warmonger, but rather one who stands up for Equalrights and Justice and still stretches out his hands unto Iran and Nethanjahu.

Mr.Nethanjahu, what about the millions of Jews who would have to suffer and die just because of your fears. Do you really wish to carry the burden of such a great sin as that, for it’s an evil and mighty sin what you and Iran are provoking.

Egypt, Libya, Tunesien:A people fought for Democracy, Freedom from the old structures that made them sick. They left their lives for their fight against their illnesses (their Dictators and their oppressions) and some people still believe that they have the right to disturb the Freedom for what these people fight and die for.

On the otherhand, the people of that region must understand that democracy like we have here in Europa and the rest of the west, was not constructed in one year but took many years of hard work and dedication.

Egypt, Libya, maybe I could help you unto those shores, but you must self walk the path to Freedom and Equality, Democracy and Peace, I can’t do it for you, but I do Pray that it be yours.

Argentina and England:Just the other day as resources were found in the area between Argentina and the Forklandislands and it seemed as if there would be a conflict between Agentina and England, the UN was asked for a solution to the problem and this did they deliver. The problem was solved and there was Peace. What have caused the pressent upset today between you both? Is it because England didn’t give their voice to someone, is it because the time is asking for Freedom from the bondage of the old? How much can we possess without being considderate of those who askes for Freedom from their bondage, must they first rebell?

Mankind must put away his couvetous behaviours to be able to cross over into that new Land.

Newly in England and in the European parliment, Germany was called Nazis and such, today Nazis in England is no seldom thing, for even the English youth calls themselves Nazis. Why then the hate of Germany, havent’t they payed their dues, and didn’t Germany conciddered their wrongs and was pardon?

Europa:Over the years I’ve been watching a phenomane which makes me ask the question: Who and what stands behind it?

The phenomane goes like this: A police officer kills a youth in some poor village or town in the near from Paris in France and this is enough stuff that the youth and the people demonstrate and burn their towns down.

The phenomane goes like this: A police officer kills a youth in some village or town in greece

and this is enough stuff that the youth and the people demonstrate and burn their towns down.

The phenomane goes like this: A police officer kills a youth in some poor village or town in the near from London England and this is enough stuff that the youth and the people demonstrate and burn their towns down.

Greece never came to peace since then. I ask the question, was this Political or was this done by an enemy of Greece or of Europe or of England or of France. Or is it just evolution taking it’s course.

The rich Families of Greece have brought all their Millions in Foreign while the people and the Nation goes under in chaos.

Maitreya taught us that there is no other way as Sharing.

France: It is said that the President of France Mr.Sarkozy just past a law against those who deny the massiker on the Armanien people by the Turks. Some say that all this is campaining for the French Elections.

Wether or not, the fact remains, that he have just sowed an ocean of hate against himself, on the otherhand it seems as if the Turks and Armania have no other choice as to clear this matter up.

Mr.Sarkozy what about the folk of the Sinti and Roma who you just driven out of your Land of France? what about those Americans who Slaughtered the Native Indians of the USA (didn’t the great Daniel Boon, steal the homes and the land of the Indians?), what about the slavery of the Afroamericans? What about Stalin who have killed over 15 million and is still being honoured as a God in Russia, or Mao who killed over 50 million, or those of the new Rightwing parties who adopt the principals of the National sozialist under Adolf whishing to rule Europa with such a Politic, or the president of Iran who deny the number of souls lost in the Halocaust. Or that of Franko in Spain and those who keep’s Franko’s crimes secret. What about England in Africa, India, Hong Kong and the Carribbean and all the souls who were lost through the English. Who shall answer for all these things and who wishes to be cleared off by them?

Every Nation on Earth have comitted it’s crimes.

There are so much to be cleared and therefore we just cant pick on the next best one to pay our expences for us.

About Demonstrating and Vandalismus:I support every peacefull demonstration, but when it comes to vandalism in the demonstration, then is it out of controll.

What the people don’t understand is that they are destroying the city and the towns in which they live when they randaliert.

It is a useless waste!

Mankind:All mankinds life, he was always giving the blame to some devil for his wrongs, when mankind himself is fault for his own mistakes.

I saw, as I was brought down from the Mountains by the Hierophant and was brought unto my brothers and sisters and was asked what do I think from them and if I would like to help them? Sure I would! But I am a Poor man with no Riches other than that of my Godly Blessings what I can give unto mankind, if he or she wishes it.

If I walk the street and am asked for a dime and I dont have a dime to give, then do I give my Blessings and the Lord sends someone else and that person blesses the beggar and gives him or her two dimes, one for themself and one for me and my blessed pray for that beggar.

My brothers and sisters what I would like to say, is that we are all being tested at this present moment, and the Love of some could run cold. Lets keep this Love a burning in our hearts. Our past conflicts against eachother are gone and we must see ourselves as brothers and sisters of one Father.

When we call ourselves Spiritual and Vegetarians and posses to be better than the others while we still war against eachother, in this doing do we eat the flesh of our brothers and sisters as we watch and let them die?

If we see a brother or a sister going the wrong way and we warneth them not, but waite until they go wrong then to turn and say: there goes a sinner, my brothers and my sisters we would be no better than that sinner, seeing that we could have help but never did.

May the Light and the Love and the Power of the most Holy Father Bless mankind and guide him away from the path of distruction and sin and give him Peace on Earth.

Namaskar Jah Love


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