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A Comment from Ringo The Syrian Conflict:


A Comment from Ringo

The Syrian Conflict:

As the Syrian conflict began between Bashar al Asad and the Peacefull Citizens of that Nation, China and Russia said that no International forces should get involve in the Conflict, even though russia was giving Arms unto the Dictator Bashar al Asad, even this was an Intervention from a Foreign force, which you are oh Russia, seeing that you dont belong to that Nation of Syria.

For oven one year now, the Iran Revolutionary gards were Involved in the Syrian Conflict, even though, they are a Foreign force seeing that they are not originally based in Syria.

Now we also see and hear the Chief of the Hisbolla saying that he and his troops are in Syria and helping the Asad's regeme to confront the Citizens of Syria.

We ask the Question oh Russia, oh China, why can't you keep your word and not break it when you ask others not to get involve? Even your Veto in the UN at the very beginning was an Inderect involvement as you said that no external force should get involve, did you both know this?

Now even though the Hisbolla and the Iran revolutionary guards are involved in the Syrian conflict as you have Vorbidden and never said one word against this, you turn around and wish to send a rocket system down to Syria, knowing that this posses a treat against Israel. Do you find it fair?

Weren't you the one oh russia who Protested against the building up of a Rocket System in Polen by the Nato and the USA? How unfair can one be? But this is a Typical Attitude of Dictators who see only their Rights as right and the Rights of all others is of no Value.

Oh my Friend Russia, wasn't it you who sent mr.Putin down to Israel as he was reelected, telling them that you once defeated the Nasis and that you are ready to defeat all Nasis and those who Treatens Israel? We ask a further question, Isn't Iran who Treatens Israel to whipe them out from the face of the Earth, not one of your best Friends?

Mr.Putin, oh Russia, you were the ones who was Upset as you heard that Barak Obama was reelected as President of the USA? Wasn't it you who mentioned in a Presse conference about this theme, that you wished a harder opponent as Barak Obama?

Mr.Putin, oh China who Indulges russia in it's behaviour, are you people really prepared to destroy the Earth and all Nature here, just to prove your Dictatorship as the right way? For if it was the right way, it would be a way of Respect for the Earth and the Life Forms that all have a habbitat on this wonderfull Planet called Earth. You see, we have heard many a times some saying that Life and the Earth is unfair, but please tell me the Truth, isn't it more likely that mankind himself amongst his Brothers and Sisters aswell as the other forms of Nature the unfair ones?

Bashar Aal Asad complains of the Aiquida being in Syria, but wasn't Bashar Al Asad the one who Trained the Aiquida in warfares over the last 10 years in that Nation of Syria himself?

We appell on you all to Considder your Childish behaviours and come to a Peacefull Commonsence and behave yourselves!!!!!!!!!

And for all these Reasons We Appell for a World wide Indignation, Words instead of Weapons and let Peace Reign in the Earth!!!!!!!!!

Namaskar Jah Love



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