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A Comment from Ringo Childish behaviour:


A Comment from Ringo


Childish behaviour:


Dear Mr.President Obama, don't you think it's a bit childish the way how you behave over the lost Elections?


Before you blame Russia and President Putin, please check your Stars and their friends who sit day and night in their war rooms and fight you and Hillary with all their might.


These are those who gave Snowden too much Salt so that he could run to Russia to quench his thirst. Russia did'nt give Snowden the Salt, but it was your own Citizens. This almost caused a third world war and the Masters were very angry about it.


Now Mr.Obama, do you believe in Carma? It say's: what you do shall return back unto you.


Do you remember how you behaved yourself as Charvez died and Maduro seemed to be the next President of Venezuela? The same things for what you now blame Mr.Putin, are the same things you and your Government did unto Maduro. You and your Democratic Government tried to Manipulate the Elections in Venezuela so that Maduro should'nt become President. Do you remember Mr.Obama? Therefore see it this way, even if President Putin was involved in the Manipulation of the US Elections, see it as Equal= do for do, done for done, the bill is paid.


Mr.President Obama I begged you like a dog to go to Venezuela and Help Maduro but you Ignored me. You were my Shepard and Maduro was the lost Sheep and the People of Venezuela were the Flock. You left Maduro to go astray and you suffer the Sheep of my Pastures Mr.Obama. Today, Millions of Venezuelians must run to cross the Border of Columbia just to buy a roll of Toilet Paper. They travel hundreds of miles from Venezuela over to Columbia just to buy a cake of soap and a onz of butter only because you believe you have the power to suffer Maduro and by this doing you suffer a whole Nation. Don't you know that such doing is called a Spitefull and Deceitfull device seeing that I helped you to acheive all what you've reached in your period as President and then that? It's as if you've stabbed me in the back! You knew that Venezuela and it's People are also my People and what you do unto the least of them, you have done unto me! For all this and much more was the reason why I had no fun on the US Elections and therefore less Participation. I knew that Hillary would'nt make it for the sake of the Carma what you guys have Planted in Venezuela and therefore did I ask you to reverse the Carma by Helping Maduro and Venezuela and to remove the Sanctions what you've put there, seeing that it was the only best thing to do if the Democrats wishes to win the Elections, but you taught when you make a deal with Cuba the Problem is solved, but you now see how it functions, the Problems are not solved but have gotten worst for your Government having fear of Mr.Trump, and worst for the People of Venezuela as they suffering hunger.


Lick you wounds Mr.Obama and accept your lost of Elections and dont give Putin or Mr.Trump the blame, but rather check your Stars in the USA who hate you and check their war rooms, and surely you'll find the Answers.


Until you guys understand the Laws of Carma, you shall always stumble and fall over the same Obsticals.


Mr.Putin Please stay cool and pay Obama no reactions what ever. The Elections are lost and he'll have to live with it. If Mr.Trump stretches out his hands unto you, take them and try to make Peace with the USA.


May you all have a Happy New Year and I hope that in 2017 you all shall behave yourselves like grown ups and not like 3 year old kids in the Kindergarden.


May the One Holy God Bless you all. Amen, Amen, Amen, Selah!


Namaskar Jah Love


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