A Comment Tageschance Keep the Mirrow Clean:


A Comment Tageschance


Keep the Mirrow Clean:


When the Lord Maitreya askes us to keep the Mirrow Clean, it means as much as to do the same as you expect from others.

When the Big Brothers like the USA, Russia and China claims to Extend and Multiply their Atomic Missiles and Bombs, they are settin no good example for the little Brothers like North Korea or Iran and therefore shall bang against deaf Ears when they say to these two Nations, that they are not allowed to build up on their Atomic Energy.

What the USA, Russia and China are doing and saying is Hypocracy against North Koria and Iran when they say not to do what they the Big Brothers are doing.

If you want that these two Nations behave themselves better, you three must set a better example.

Keep the Mirrow Clean by setting better Examples so that the rest can follow your good Examples, less if your Examples are bad, the others shall also follow the bad Examples and do as you do and therefore your Preaching and Commanding unto the others shall have no value and be of no use!

Keep the Mirrow Clean!


Namaskar Jah Love