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A Comment Tageschance About Giving band Sharing Part 2. A Beautifull Sunday:


A Comment Tageschance


About Giving band Sharing Part 2.

A Beautifull Sunday:


Now because we Love to watch Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller what we could'nt see because of our own Service on this Sunday morning, we decided to Google in Internet the Service. To our supprise, Bobby's subject today was about money and riches and how one can serve God with his/her money, taken from the 6.5.2015. It was almost the same theme what we had for a few hours ago in our Service, I taught, oh how Wonderfull. We call such moments: Synchronization of the Moment!


The Psalmist once said: Cast your bread upon the waters, it shall later return unto you.


Dont buy a loaf of bread and throw it away in the river or in the sea and think that one day as you pass by that you will see your bread floating on the water surface waiting for you. Don't take it literally and yet if you throw your Bread on the waters maybe one day by fishing you may catch a great big fish who ate the bread what you casted on the water days before. Funny how Ironic Life could be, sense in nonsense, it's actually a Paradoxon. We could discuss over the clapping of one hand, it's impossible.


Over the years we've met some Great People who have dedicated themselves to be active in the works of God. One of these people is the man George Foreman. Those who knows him, would know that he was a Great Boxer who Fought against Mohamad Alli. However what many people dont know is that after George Foreman layed down his Boxing Gloves, he opened up a Church and Work as a Pastor there. Not only this, but what even made him Greater in the eyes of God is the Fact that he also opened up a house for Orphans and Homeless. His desires to Help the Poor and not only to keep his Money for himself but to share it amongst the unprivileged was and still is a Great desire. As Juliana once Interviewed him for German TV, she asked him what does he think about Sharing? His reply was: Sharing is an essential duty of Humanity which needs to be practice by everyone and that on a daily scale. Only through Sharing can we reach those who are deprived of the Necessities of a daily life in our World.


We the Tageschance would like to Honour the man George Foreman for his years of dedication unto God by tending unto the Poor and the Needy.


Just as one hand can't clap alone but need's the other hand, so doe's the poor who is dependant of the rich.




Europe have now a Problem which is not really a Problem but an Illussion triggered and Motivated through Fear of lost, Racial Nationalism.


Europes Citizens migrated from all over the world over to Europe and also migrated from Europe into other Nations during the 1st and 2nd world war. Now others are asking them to take them in and give them Help and shelter, their Governments are saying no. The Citizens of Europe however are going to thousands on the streets protesting against the Politcs of the Leaders.


The European Union was more grounded on the Foundation of an Economical Union and not a Humanitarian Union. The old Nationalism what still rules in Subtile forms amongst the Peoples of Europe must have an end or Europe will end itself through it's National Sozialism.


Benjamin Creme from the New Paper Share International, once told us that Germany for example, is a New Nation and a New people. All those who neglet this Fact are blind and are still Living in the past.


Germany as well as all Europe must Look towards the Future and this lies in the Power of showing Humanitarian Solidarity with their Fellowmen and Fellowwomen who knocks on their doors!!!!!!!!!


Namaskar Jah Love



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