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A Comment Tageschance Cuba:


A Comment Tageschance




Dear Raul Castro we send you and the People of Cuba our condonances at this present moment of the death of Fidel.


As a youth, Fidel was one of those Men who Influence our Life. We were young and Revolutionary and never backed down from any Challange. We wanted to change the World for the better and fought against the Imperialismus. We were radical and brave towards our Vissions and Fidel was one of those Men who gave us hope that any and every battle could be won through determination to do so. I remember as the Revolution in the West Indian Island of Grenade took place and the USA was asked for help, they said that we must first do an Election. We knew that the Primeminister Erick Gary worked with Voodoo and Witchkraft and would do everything to be reelected and would have won through his evil works.

Who was Erick Gary? Erick Gary was a Dictator who had two groups (The Green Beast, and the Mongos) who would wait daily by the schools and after the Children would come out, they would Kidnap the young school girls and rape them, and such as if a Woman wanted a Job, she had to sleep with the Primeminister, or how he let the husband of my Aunt (my Father's Sister) be murdered, (the Deputy Prime Minister, Innocent Belmar) as he realized that the deputy did'nt agree any more to his Polocy. On the other hand my other Aunt from my Mothers side was Organizing with the Students the Revolution.

We asked Cuba for help and Fidel gave us help, he and East Germany, but through Voodoo and Witchkraft what Primeminister Gary worked, the revolution Leaders Maurice Bishop and Bernhard Coard disputed against each other. Philis Coard the wife of Bernhard saw her husband as Primeminister and not as Deputy and not Maurice Bishop and therefore was Bishop and some of the members of the Cabanet murdered by Bernhard. All these guys were University Students and highly Educated young Men. Maurice Bishop's father was a Teacher and was killed by the Primeminister Gary and for all such reasons was the Revolution seen neccessary. It was one of the most Peacefull Revolutions seeing that by the take over, only one person died.


Yes, we were young and fought for Equal Rights and Justice and Cuba and Fidel was our Hero. With a Spliff in the mouth Bob Marley and Big Youth, Tosh and Reggae Music in the ear, it was a new Age, a age to fight for Rights and Values, Foward Ever and Backwards Never, Stand Up For Your Rights, you got Nothing to lose, Get up Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Rights, these were the slogans what made a difference and Influenced us. In all these Fidel played a Great role and Influenced us.


With the years as we grew up and became more mature the fight went on but under different conditions and with different Instruments. In the year 2008 while preparing Obama for the Presidency of the USA, did we spoke unto Cuba. Fidel knew that it was on the Time to make Reforms in able to accomadate unto the Present Age and therefore he spoke unto Raul asking him to do so. He was obedient at the end.

To day we Work over the UN to solve Conflicts and to obtain Equal Rights and Justice.


Only God will decide what happens to Fidel after his death.


Genoske Fidel, may you find Forgiveness by God and by his Christ and most of all by all those unto whom you've done hurt unto.


God Bless Cuba, God Bless the People of Cuba, God Bless the President of Cuba Raul Castro that all things he may do, be done in the Interest of the One Holy God, Amen!!!!!!!!!


Namaskar Jah Love


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