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A Comment Tageschance Cuba:


A Comment Tageschance




Dear Raul Castro we send you and the People of Cuba our condonances at this present moment of the death of Fidel.


As a youth, Fidel was one of those Men who Influence our Life. We were young and Revolutionary and never backed down from any Challange. We wanted to change the World for the better and fought against the Imperialismus. We were radical and brave towards our Vissions and Fidel was one of those Men who gave us hope that any and every battle could be won through determination to do so. I remember as the Revolution in the West Indian Island of Grenade took place and the USA was asked for help, they said that we must first do an Election. We knew that the Primeminister Erick Gary worked with Voodoo and Witchkraft and would do everything to be reelected and would have won through his evil works.

Who was Erick Gary? Erick Gary was a Dictator who had two groups (The Green Beast, and the Mongos) who would wait daily by the schools and after the Children would come out, they would Kidnap the young school girls and rape them, and such as if a Woman wanted a Job, she had to sleep with the Primeminister, or how he let the husband of my Aunt (my Father's Sister) be murdered, (the Deputy Prime Minister, Innocent Belmar) as he realized that the deputy did'nt agree any more to his Polocy. On the other hand my other Aunt from my Mothers side was Organizing with the Students the Revolution.

We asked Cuba for help and Fidel gave us help, he and East Germany, but through Voodoo and Witchkraft what Primeminister Gary worked, the revolution Leaders Maurice Bishop and Bernhard Coard disputed against each other. Philis Coard the wife of Bernhard saw her husband as Primeminister and not as Deputy and not Maurice Bishop and therefore was Bishop and some of the members of the Cabanet murdered by Bernhard. All these guys were University Students and highly Educated young Men. Maurice Bishop's father was a Teacher and was killed by the Primeminister Gary and for all such reasons was the Revolution seen neccessary. It was one of the most Peacefull Revolutions seeing that by the take over, only one person died.


Yes, we were young and fought for Equal Rights and Justice and Cuba and Fidel was our Hero. With a Spliff in the mouth Bob Marley and Big Youth, Tosh and Reggae Music in the ear, it was a new Age, a age to fight for Rights and Values, Foward Ever and Backwards Never, Stand Up For Your Rights, you got Nothing to lose, Get up Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Rights, these were the slogans what made a difference and Influenced us. In all these Fidel played a Great role and Influenced us.


With the years as we grew up and became more mature the fight went on but under different conditions and with different Instruments. In the year 2008 while preparing Obama for the Presidency of the USA, did we spoke unto Cuba. Fidel knew that it was on the Time to make Reforms in able to accomadate unto the Present Age and therefore he spoke unto Raul asking him to do so. He was obedient at the end.

To day we Work over the UN to solve Conflicts and to obtain Equal Rights and Justice.


Only God will decide what happens to Fidel after his death.


Genoske Fidel, may you find Forgiveness by God and by his Christ and most of all by all those unto whom you've done hurt unto.


God Bless Cuba, God Bless the People of Cuba, God Bless the President of Cuba Raul Castro that all things he may do, be done in the Interest of the One Holy God, Amen!!!!!!!!!


Namaskar Jah Love

"Eine unglaublich eßbare Stadt" - eine wahr gewordnene Vision des Teilens!

Liebe Freundinnen und Frende,

wir haben etwas unglaubliches gehört und gerade gelesen: zwei engagierte Frauen aus einer englischen Kleinstadt haben eine sanfte Revolution begonnen: eines Tages stellten sie vor ihren Gemüsegarten ein Schild: Bedient Euch! Ihre Bekannten und Freunde waren skeptisch, doch es stellte sich bald raus, dass die Menschen nur so viel nahmen wie sie brauchten. Bald schlossen sich den Frauen andere Gärtner an, bauten in jeden Kübel Nutzpflanzen an und schrieben "Bedient Euch". Inzwischen haben die beiden sogar ihre Stadt überzeugt, in Grünflächen und Kübeln Gemüse zu pflanzen, und sollen wir Euch was sagen: die sind dabei!

Wenn das nicht eine wunderbare neue sanfte Revolution im Sinne des Teilens und des Miteinanderns ist, ganz in Maitreyas Sinne!

Aus den zarten Anfängen ist inzwischen eine Bewegung in England geworden. Es schwappt jetzt über den großen Teich zu uns rüber! Lasst es uns ihnen nachmachen, doch lest mal selbst:

Euer verzaubertes Team Tageschance


A Comment Tageschance About Respect as a Service:


A Comment Tageschance


About Respect as a Service:


What if you knew that God was standing right before you, infront of your face as a Person.

Would you say the things you would say when He's not standing before you?

Would you Glorify Him before His face?

Would you insult Him before His face?


Maybe not, for your Fear of His Might and Power to could turn you into a frog or a dog or strike you down with a bolt of lightning.


Just immagine how we handle some People just because of fearlessness and disrespect towards these Persons.


Just immagine that the next Person who you would like to straighten up and pull right, by exampling a hard method of dissiplin, even if it could cause hurt or injour unto that Person, wether it be of a Physical, Emotional, or Physiological injury, would you do it? Just immagine that, that Person standing before you, could not just be some simple person, but they could be God or Jesus, or an Angel waiting for you to execute your judgement upon them so that He could judge you afterwards. Do you believe you would have the courage to go ahead with your hard dissipline method or, would you considder and file on your manner of hard behaviour towards that Person, for the simple reason of the unknown, not knowing if that Person is God or, not God? Would you be dissrespectfull to God before His Face? I believe not. Immagine that, that Person standing before you was God, you would surly have more Respect for that Person, is'nt it so?


Therefore always immagine or think before. The next time you want to insult or curse the stranger who you dont know at all, and therefore believe that it does'nt matter. Or that person who you believe to have know for so long, and therefore believe's that your method is justified. Think and immagine that, that Person could be God standing before you and, therefore are you expected to speak and do as if that Person was God. If you would do this, You could realize a Dramatic Change that would be taking place in your Life. Beginning with your Approach towards others, would be taking a new course towards Respect, unto these others and, the Respect what you would be gaining in Reward for yourself. Automathically you feel the change that takes place in your way of thinking, your way to articulate yourself, your doings, your walking, and everything else what confronts your life as a Person. A Change for the Possitive and the Better!


Jesus taught us: in order to be a Master, we must first learn to be a Servant. To be able to Serve someone else, means to have respect for the Person who you Serve, or for the Service what you render, seeing that, that Person or Service provides some kind of convenience towards you. wether it be a loan, or a good feeling from Serving that Person, there's always a Personal interest involved. If that Person should however seem to be disrespectfull towards you, then you realize that your Respect for that Person changes and you would like to brake away from that Service what you usally would render, or you yourself becomes disrespectfull towards that Person. Sometime we are afraid to say to that Person who we so dearly Respect, what we reall think about a matter. Have you ever really felt shame for an other Person who made a mistake but because he/she is a Friend or a person of Respect we swallow our comment not wanting to hurt that Person? We tend to stifel the taught or the feeling wanting to correct that Person and therefore we could find ourself giving that Person right, by adviseing that Person's behaviour even when we know that it is not really right what he/she have just done or said. This could happen consciously, as well as unconsciously. But even a Master would, or better said, should be able to take advice from His Servant, seeing that the Master wishes a feedback from His Servant, in what situation things are at. The Servant brings his reports unto the Master and therefore can the Master tend to the needs of His Servant, so that the Servant can go about his duty and return with good results for his Master. A Master who is adviced by His Servant but take no heed towards the advice of the Servant must first ask Himself if He really have a full over blick over all areas of the Servant and his duties. Emagine the Servant say's: the People oh my Lord are hungry. Immagine the Master reacts as if: that's their problem not mines. One day when it comes to revolt and demonstration from the People, the Master could want to give the Servant the blame, while He himself excape this blame. Such Masters are not really, Real Masters.

The Real Master listen's to the Advice of His Servant, even as stupid as the advice could appear. It is the duty of the Master to Find Commonsence in the Stupidity of His Servant. To find commonsence in the Stupidity of the Servant means to see the fear of the Servant and to take this fear by doing what is neccessary by giving reasurance that all shall be done to supply the needs of the People.

An Example: Ajuna was a Follower of the Indian God Krishna, everything what Krishna saw as Good was Good in the eyes of Ajuna, and all what Ajuna found Good was Good in the eyes of Krishna. Krishna took the Advice what His Servant Ajuna gave unto Him and executed this Advice as if it was His own Idea. One day Krishna came to visit Ajuna but, Ajuna was more concentrated in cleaning and tending to his Grandmother and therefore left Krishna waitihg in the corridor until he was finished with his duties unto his Grandmother. After Ajuna was finished, he went out to greet Krishna, some taught how disrespectfull from Ajuna, but Krishna said to Ajuna even me the Great Lord you did let wait, until you have finished your duties towards the Grandmother, you are trully not only a Great Servant but a Great Master. Ajuna did'nt even let the Presence of Krishna in his house stop him from his service, but first showd attention after he was finished. Krishna Respected Ajuna and Loved him the more for this gesture. The Lord and Christ Maitreya said: if you Serve only one Person you have Served me. Ajuna knew this for a fact in Krishna, that when He serve the Grandmother that Krishna would Love and Respect him the more.


We must learn to see God in every Man, Woman, Boy, Girl, Animals, Trees, Rivers, Oceans, and most Important in the Mother Earth, seeing that God is Mother and Father and Child and everything in and out there. When we can do this, we are building on that Golden Age what we so long for, and it shall come faster as we expect. Maitreya Christus taught us to manifest God in all our Structures so that we become fullcomming Gods like our Heavenly Father is and this could beginn with Respect for Others.


As a boy child, there was an old Woman who lived in a neighbouring street, who always waited for me as I pass by her house, and then she would call me under her window and say unto me: my Son fear God, dont mean to be afraid of Him, but to pay Respect unto Him. With the time as I grew up, I realized that the Respect for God was to show Respect unto the Police, to Respect the Gangster, to Respect the Prostitute, the Priest, the old Man and the old Woman, the Child and everything. Because I Respected, did I become Respect.


God is Everything and Everything is in Him and nothing is without Him and therefore should all things be Respected. Respect is not to Fear but, to Honourate and to Dignify. To Respect others means to Dignify others, seeing God in your Neighbour, and finding yourself in the eyes of your Brothers and Sisters.


Let Light and Love and the Power of Respect of the One Holy God Revelate, and Manifest itself in the Minds, Words, and Deeds of all Humanity and unto all Nature.


Namaskar Jah Love