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A Comment Tageschance A Blessed Olympia 2018:

A Comment Tageschance


A Blessed Olympia 2018:


Blessed are the Gods Indra and Brahma!

Blessed is the Lord Jesus Christ!

Blessed is the Lord and Christ Maitreya Buddha!

Blessed is Korea!

Blessed are the Olympic games 2018!

Blessed are all the Nations and their Athletes that took part on these Blessed Games!


Oh Blessed Korea, we Thank you for the Wonderfull Games what you have given us. When we say Korea, we speak of One Nation and not two.

We here in Germany are Greatfull unto you for the Great Love and Hospatality what you've shown unto us and the rest of the World.

Harmony, Harmony and Unity are the Medicines used to mend a broken Brother and Sisterhood. It is the glue which joins and stabalize the broken parts of Frendships.

It was a Great gesture from the North, to join in these Wonderfull Games with the South. Maximum Respect!!!!!!!!!

Now unto you of the South, now unto you Mr.President Moon. It takes a Strong man to do as our little Brother Kim have done. Please understand that this is the Work of the Lord God and He is Pleased in this doing of Brother Kim and his people of the North. It is a Great Opertunity to put the past conflicts behind you and to think about the Future which inholds a Fantastic and most Glorious Heratige for you both as Sons and Daughters of one Holy Mother and Father who Delights in your Unification as ONE!!!!!!!!!

You of the South have had many years and Experiance of being a Democratic Nation and have no conflicts with the other western Nations as the North does. Everyone was always trying to tell the North what they should do and what not. For an example the USA and other Nations speaks about the Humanrights Violations and such, but at the same time in the USA, there are more People arrested and placed into Prisson on a daily basis as done in North Korea or in Russia and this is a Matter of a Fact. The most of those arrested in the USA are Innocent People, still the USA condemns Russia and North Korea. Step out of the White House and walk down on the other side of the same street, you would surely see those Americans who sleeps every night under Cardboard boxes, and then you may ask the question, where are the Equalrights and Justice? Where is the care towards the poor and suffering in that Nation of the USA? First must they pull the beam out of their own eyes before they can take the splitter out of anyone elses eyes.

Now if the USA really cares about the Interest of the People of North Korea and wishes the North to adopt the Policies of the South or that of the USA, if they want to be Rulers, they must first learn to be Servants. As Jesus once said: who wishes to be a Master, they must first learn to be a Servant!

The North have just stretch out it's hands unto you their Brothers and Sisters, dont slap it away, but take it and be of good tidings, it Functioned by the Germans and therefore it can Funtion with you.

Dont try to pressure the North or try to demand immidate Change, but take time with them and give them the Chance to Learn. See them as you would see a Child who now starts his Schooling in the First Class, and then to the Second and the Third and so on. It's like as you would do with a Baby, you would'nt give a Baby Steaks to eat, but you would give it porridge, this is the same thing with the North. Give them Time to get accustom to your standards and Methods of Living and take them by the hand and be Kind,Patient and Gentle and not arrogant.

Brother Kim, we once asked you to put Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Father Maitreya Buddha and all shall be Well, they can blot out Carma and wash you and your Mistakes as White as Snow if you wish, for in Christ there is Deliverance unto Life Everlasting. Believe and all shall be WONDERFULL in Christ, just Believe and Trust, for the First shall be the Last and the Last the First!!!!!!!!!

Now unto you Mr.Trump, if you really are the man of Peace who you claim to be, well show us the GoodWill and give North Korea the Chance to be a part of the International Community without being Discriminated, or Treatened by you. If you're really a Christian Soul as you claim to be, rebuke not the Stranger (your fellow Brother) at your door but take him in and give him to eat and drink. Do this and you would have Pleased the Christ!

Brother Kim we are very Pleased over your decission to have done the Games and be Part of that Great Happenings, we are so Proud of you that we can't even express it in Words, but all we can say is; Continue on this Path and all shall be well.

Fear not, for we shall Walk with you and shall Conduct with you in Peace agreements. We did it for Germany and we can do it for you, just Trust and be Confident!

There Shall be Peace on the Mountains and in the Vallies!!!!!!!!!

There shall be Peace, Unity and Harmony between North and South Korea!!!!!!!!!

There shall be ONE KOREA!!!!!!!!!

Amen,Amen,Amen Selah!!!!!!!!!

Blessed are the Gods Indra and Brahma!!!!!!!!!

Blessed is the Lord Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!

Blessed is the Lord Maitreya Buddha the Christ!!!!!!!!!

Amen, Amen, Amen Selah!!!!!!!!!



Namaskar Jah Love

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