Gute Nachrichten, um die Welt neu zu sehen

Die United Nations werden morgen 70: wir haben eine Reform-Idee!

Hey FreundInnen der Guten Nachrichten,

schon vor neun Jahren haben wir unsere Vorschläge hier auf der tageschance gepostet, heute wollen wir diesen post nochmals veröffentlichen: die United Nations sind WIR ALLE, the people of the World.

Have a look and take your own responsability for changing the way, people treat others and the planet!

May you enjoy the text and get inspired!




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Declaration of the Newly Reformed United Nation’s:


This Reform was asked by the Goddess of the Earth and the People’s of the Nation’s of the World. The Lord Maitreya once said that: The United Nation’s shall be one of the most Mighty Political Institution’s of the World – a Center for Hope Transaction’s, where all International Problem’s shall be Solved. ( Maitreya, Share International, September 1989 ).


These Point’s are Essential and are the Basic Need’s to Serve all Mankind and all Nature.


This reform is to Serve both Feminine and Masculine Component’s of the UN as given.


1.We the people of the Nation’s of the World, we the Races, the Tribes, the Clans, the Families and the Individual’s all over the Planet declare our responsability for the Earth and her atmosphere. For Her plant’s and mineral’s, for the Water’s and it’s inhabitant’s, for the Animal’s and all mankind as one.


2. We the people of the Nation’s of the World, now declare our responsability for war, hunger, injustice, racism, brutality, violation’s and every other crime which is done upon and unto the Earth. We all together from now on shall do everything to change the World into a better place, where every Nation, Race, Tribe, Family, and Individual can live in Freedom and Peace, in Respect and Tolerance, while Sharing the Natural Resources with our fellowman. We still have a dream, it is time to make it real.


3. We the people of the Nation’s of the World declare that every Nation, every Race, every Tribe, every Clan, every Family shall have the opertunity to have a vote in the United Nation’s. If we the People of the Nation’s should have voted, no One, Two, or Three Nation’s should be able to stop this decission of the majority with a Veto.


4.We the people of the Nation’s of the World declare our Respect and Acceptance for the Right’s of the Youth and their Privileges. Through Social and Collective Cooperation, should their Taught’s and Asperation’s be Acknowledge and given chance to be Administrated. Because of the rapid changes of our Evolution, should these youth’s be Invited to Participate in the Building of our New Civilization. If the World tomorrow should be the posession and that of the youth’s of today, even the more should they be prepared for their future World. All youth’s should have a right of Education. School’s and their Youth’s should be called upon to Decide and also to participate in venture’s for the search of way’s and mean’s which could serve the Civilization, wether it be of Ecological, Economical, Kultural, Social, or Political form’s, and be put to Exhibition. These youth’s should not be set out to job’s which is unmoral and destructive to their Mental or Bodily constitution.


4.a. We the people of the World declare our Respect for the Right’s of the Woman. She is the Center pole of our Civilization. She is it who tend’s and care for our Children, the Old and the Sick. She is our Mother, our Sister, our Wife, and our Friend. Respect and Honour is asked.


Help the Woman to Respect herself and her Integrity, the Moral’s of Womanhood who she really is.


5. We the people of the Nation’s of the world declare the Right’s of Medical assistance, of an Adequate Shelter, of a daily Balanced Meal and Education as a Universal Right for all mankind. These are the highest Right’s of all Humanity and we shall do our utmost best to guarantee these need’s of our Brother’s and Sister’s. We declare the Prinzip of Sharing as our future motto, in order to adjust and solve the problem’s of poverty which affect’s our brother’s and sister’s all over the world.


6. We the People of the Nation’s of the World, declare the abolition of First, Second or Third world Nation’s. These frontier’s of rich and poor should no longer exist in the New World. Every Nation, Tribe, Race, Clan, or Family has something very special which they could offer unto the world Community.


7. We the People of the Nation’s of the World declare the begin of the New World in which the Basic Humanright’s should be equaly guaranteed to all with out regard to race. In this New World, the Lord and Father Maitreya Buddha (the Christ and World Teacher) shall not allow the practice of prejudice, Hate, Racialdiscrimination, Torture, Humanhunting and War of any kind. Freedom is the understanding and the acceptance of the different mentalities of other person’s, regardless to Race, Religion, Sex, or Status. Out of many we are one and we should develop through our diversitie’s.


7.b. Every living being should be seen and accepted as a Free being. No government, land or Nation should have the Right’s to keep captive an other folk, people, or race in colonization. Every folk should be given the Right to decide under which Flag He/She want’s to live under (Tibet, Palestine).


8. We the people of the Nation’s of the World should make our decision’s in a democratic way, to avoid the egoistic-seperate and isolated term’s of taught, which affect’s the whole organism which we are part of. We all should be the World collective government which decides over the challenges concerning the whole planet or a national and International conflict (Example: the destruction of the rain forest of Brazil or other forest of the world, or the rich who buys land and destroy the habitat of thousand’s of species, just to plant soja or palm trees to win gasoline while million’s hunger).


8.b. We the people of the Nation’s of the World, plan the possibilities of Worldwide election’s via Internet in case of very important subjects concerning the planet, which need to be accepted by the majority of all mankind. The voices of the people all over the World will be counted and the parliament of the New United Nation’s will take them as base for their decision. So shall mankind participate in the World democracy.


9. Sponsor’s or Donater’s to the United Nation’s and their Helping Organization’s, should not be able to use bribe or their status, to indoktrinate or manipulate the organization of the UN in any form of corruption what ever. For such could be used as an instrument to boycot or prevent neccessary functions which could be of essential value unto mankind and could also damage the Image and the Administration and that of the Organization of the UN. We would like to see a Free and functional UN, which is capable to handle in cases of crisis and difficult situation’s, with out border’s of restriction’s which could intensify a critical crisis, or situation.


10. We the people of the Nation’s of the World declare the Security council as dissolved.


Instead of the security council we will install a “Circle of the Wisest”, which consist of member’s of different cultures from all continent’s, who’s reputation is honoured in their country and worldwide. They should decide quickly on a situation, which need’s to be solved before the United Nation’s can come together. This Circle of the Wisest could also be seen as Judges. A few name’s for an Example: Mrs Vandana Shiva ( doctor and autor from the book “Earth democracy”, Benjamin Creme (author of the New’s paper: Share International) Mario Soares former minister of portugal, the 14th Dalai Lama, the German President Horst Köhle, the group of the Elderly, Mandela, Annan and Co) and Walter Rodney aka “Burning Spear” one of the Elderly of Rastafari of Jamaica.


11. We the people of the Nation’s of the World declare War as “Illegal and Abolished”. The Illegal Instrument of war should not be used in any case or matter to solve any situation or conflict. The violation and Agression’s of War, carries no more Legitimacy as to justify a reason or cause of any instance.


11.b. Any Nation who should go to war with an other Nation could be put to charge’s. Any Nation which Provoke’s an other Nation and deprive them of their Right’s so that , that Nation should go to War, both Nation’s should be put to charges. These charges could be authorized by the United Nation, when the charter of this Human Right’s are violated.


12. We the people of the Nation’s of the World accept the Prinzip of Sharing and demand from those Nation’s which live’s in excess and over the Limit of their Need’s, to Share the excess which they would normally throw away, with those Nation’s who dont have any or less.


13.We the People of the Nation’s of the World declare that, any “Land” which was borrowed or taken from an other Folk, or people, or Tribe, Family or Clan and is set up with or without border’s, Should be given back unto the rightful posessor of that property, when it is demanded from it’s Rightfull owner. This is to avoid conflict and disharmony of a people who considder’s themselve’s as being deprived of their own Territorial Rights (Palestine, Tibet).


14.We the people of the Nation’s of the World declare the New United Nation’s as the World Police. Seeing that the UN have a nutural pole in the World society, it should therefore be accepted that the UN see and take this role as Legitimate in order to secure the World’s Collective Security until there is peace on Earth. This Include’s the Right’s to put to charge’s those who destroy’s Forest, Sea’s and other Species which are indangered.


15.We the people of the World declare, that because of the leading Role which is being played by the UN and it’s Helping Organization’s in their fight against Hunger, Sickness, Poverty, Illiteracy and such problem’s with which our world is confronted. And because the Finances to fight these problem’s are short (Millennium Project of the UN) and the International and Industrial Land’s have’nt keept their Prommise which they have given. It was neccessary that the Power of Wall Street be given over unto the New United Nation’s, so that the World Poverty could be better fought and be brought in order. The New United Nation’s is given the Power to Controll and Manage the World International Economics and by so doing, is the danger of unneccessary Speculation and Mishandling of the Natural Resources on the International Market, which have caused the fall of Wall Street and the Ecological problem’s of our Planet, is herewith Minimized. The People of the Nation’s of the World should see the UN as a Fond or as a Banking Instutition in whome they could invest in. With this Investment, could the UN give small Credit’s to Farmer’s and other small people all over the World, who need’s a Credit for an Investment. This Prinzip of the World International Economics of the United Nation’s is Based on a 70% Sozialism and a 30% Capitalism Basis.




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