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A Comment Tageschance The Respect of the Woman:

A Comment Tageschance


The Respect of the Woman:


It can take years before a man can get to understand the woman and also the other way around, where as the woman needs her time to understand the nature of the man. With the lack of understanding of each other (not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally) relatinships begins with a smile and could end with a disaster, and on the other hand it can begin as a disaster and end up in glory.

The woman is like the magnet that draws the man unto her, and because she is the energy of wisdom and seeks to be expressed, is she attracted by the sparks what the man sends out seeing that the man is electrifying. Combined are they ElectroMagnetic. Many great and successful men have a woman standing hehind them. Things happens, many things can take place by the first or the twentyieth contact or much later when a man and a woman constantly meets.

The problems what rules between women and men are like the extreems between water and fire, and because of this fact, missunderstandings occur. If the man could only understand what the woman is saying and not just interprit it in his own term understanding the opposite of that what she is trying to transmit, it would mean that the man in himself is grown up. Because of her form and emotions, she can send out a signal as if she is willing whereby, she's not. She moves her hands by a question what was asked and then she sinks her head on her shoulder like someone who seek's warmth and tenderness, and suddenly the man believes, that is a signal to an intimate relationship coming from her towards him. The man in that moment dont understand that even this gesture could be a gesture saying please, do me no harm (in this gesture of the head on the shoulder, doth she reflect her innoncy, the little girl in her). We once had a saying that goes like: not every skin teeth is a joke. It means that not every one who smiles at a teasing, wishes to be teased or appriciate such a situation, but it could be that they do it just to be polite and not just to be snobby. Surely a woman could have also woken up on the wrong foot and as she walks down the road, some guy say's hey baby, and that woman just explodes in an obscene behaviour and curses that guy. An other day that guy see's the same woman and apologizes unto her, and she is kind unto him and askes for pardon for her last behaviour against him, still she would have shown what colours she's made of and therefore he knows with whom he's dealing with. It could also be that she felt herself after such a behaviour ashamed knowing that he's ok, and acctually she likes the guy, but it was just the wrong moment that he tried, and therefore she desides to put on a lovely dress, knowing that he won't miss the temptation of wanting to tell her how beautifull she look's in it, and while he is waiting for a snob, he gets a polite answer, like a, thanks.

An other woman knows that she passes every day to work, a street where guys are sitting, and she thinks she's going to put on her stretch jeans because it's her lucky pants and she just feels good in it, but in her heart, she also knows that the guys loves her jeans more that she does. Why? Most men admires a woman more in her jeans as when he see's her naked. He is like a child with a christmas present just waiting to be unraped. Even if she leaves the bikini on, it is more excting as if she just strips naked. The woman knows this, still she risk the wistling of the guys, as she in pride just like a Antilope who steps through the Savana in her splendour and glory and elegancy. Men does the same.

Men have an emotional body just as the woman also have, with the difference that the woman lives her emotions while men hide their emotions, it be that the football team have just lost the game and all men breaks out in teas.

While the woman is wisdom is the man understanding, while the woman is emotions, is the man logic. She is water, he is fire. Still out of the water doth the fire comes.

Some men say, that when the woman say's No, that she really means yes. Sometimes it is so, but Please Notice: Only Sometimes and Not All The Times! Some men really do believe that women are maniacs.

How doth one go about such a behaviour and how could one know if she really wishes or not and what could one do in such a moment?

The best is to take „No“ as the Ultimate decission, and respect it as her free will to have choosen „No“ as reply!

If she should change her mind by saying that she wishes, first then are you allowed.

She should not be pressed or be treatened or compelled to have her change her mind by anyone else, but her desission should be made by none other than herself alone (Free Will)!

Some women may like to have the attention of all men, some other women only the attention of a certain kind of man.

There is a fitting man out there, which passes to a woman out there who is specially made for him, and the same the other way around, they must just find to themselves.

Men and Women are like the immage in the mirror when they stand face to face before eachother. Like it is needed negative and positive to construct electricity which causes a lightbulb to glow, so does it work between the man and the woman to become one in understanding mentally and emotionally aswell as Physically through Children.

She is the Mond and the man is the Sun, the children are the Stars, others would say the Life being produced through both of them.

The missunderstandings what we saw in Me Too, is shared on many aspects in all areas of life. Prostitution is not just a woman who sells herself, but also one whose Rights are stolen from them, even if she does it to maintain her existance. For the simple fact that she have to be treated this way, whereas she have the Ligitimate Right to Express Herself as a Goddes in the Earth, she is held as a slave for the sake of the Greedyness and the lust of the man. If her desires for such a lust is her passion, well it should be her free will to do and conduct herself in that manner and to do so. Other wise seen, is She as a Daughter of the Earth who'se Heritage is the Right to be Respected, to have a Ballanced Nutrition, Medical Health Care, Education, Propper Housing, Clean Sanitary Facilities, and a Respectable Ocupation that passes to her for the maintinance of herself and her Family, it be that she wishes other.

Many of the women by the Me Too Movement wished Respect and Justice for their fellow sisters and hope that the man can take her seriouslly, but how many of them askes their sisters, why do they present themselves like lust hungry desperate housewives, or a group of sexmaniacs in a city of sex.

The most visitors of the kino block buster 50 shades of grey are women.

In almost every advertistment, the products are powered by a half naked woman, not that she is'nt wonderfull to look upon, but she should'nt wonder when the guys see's another woman looking like her and harrast that other woman. The women also have to think about the effects what they send out with their doings and how it could affects their other sister somewhere else so that the other sister have to carry the shame for their behaviour.

For 1000 $ a woman would strip for a magizine, but the same woman would be shamed to walk on a nude beach. When asked: why not? She could answer, for everyone to see me naked?

Women must not only demand their Rights but most important, must they carry Respect for themselves.

It is time that the woman are treated equally with Respect and it is time that the woman Respect Her Integrity as a Woman and Live this Integrity in Honour and Dignity!!!!!!!!!

Our Love goes out unto all you Women, Mothers, Wives, and Queens and Princesses and Nurses and Prostitutes and Housewives, and Sisters, and Secretaries and Daughters, and Inventors and Successful Business Women and all yee the Beautifull Flowers in the Garden of God!!!!!!!!!

Blessed are the Women of the Earth and of the Heavens!!!!!!!!!

Maximum Respect!!!!!!!!!



Namaskar Jah Love

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