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A Comment Tageschance Christmas Blessings 2017:

A Comment Tageschance


Christmas Blessings 2017:


Blessed is the Lord God almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Blessed is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Blessed is the Lord Maitreya Buddha the Christ.

Blessed is the Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Blessed is the Holy Master Djwahl Kuhl

Blessed is the Holy Mother Mary.

Blessed is the Holy Mary Magdaline.

Blessed is the Holy Lady Quan Yin

Blessed is the Holy Lady Shing High.

Blessed be the Holy Dragon.

Blessed are all the Churches, Mosques, Tempels, Synagouges, Shrines, Ashrams and all their Religions and their Peoples World wide.

Blessed are all the Nations and their Folks.

Blessed are the Masters of Wisdom and the Herarchy of the Masters of Wisdom.

Blessed are the Angels of the Heavens.

Blessed are the 24 Elderly and the 24 Dimensions.

Blessed is the Pope Francis.

Blessed is the Dalai Lama.

Blessed is all Humanity.

Blessed is the Earth and all what is in and on Her.

Blessed are all Nature and all Creatures on Earth.

Blessed is the United Nations and all the Helping Organizations of the Earth.

Blessed are the Poor and those who suffer for the sake of Poverty. May yee all be fed, cloth, healed, sheltered, and educated.

Be Blessed all yee at this Solem and Holy time of Christmas.



Namaskar Jah Love  

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