Gute Nachrichten, um die Welt neu zu sehen

A Comment Tageschance Blessed is the Year 2018:

A Comment Tageschance


Blessed is the Year 2018:


Blessed is the Year 2018, for the Lord Christ have Blessed it!!!!!!!!!


Blessed are the Hearts of all Humanity and all Creation, for the Love of Christ shall Stream Through them!!!!!!!!!


Blessed is the Earth, for She is the Bride of the Lord Christ!!!!!!!!!


Blessed are the Heavens, for they are his Thrones!!!!!!!!!


Blessed is the Holy Father God, for He Ruleth all Things!!!!!!!!!


Blessed is the Prinzipal of Sharing, for it shall be Practiced in the Earth!!!!!!!!!


Blessed are Equal Rights and Justice, for they are like the Gods Indra and Brahma!!!!!!!!!


Blessed is the Love, for it is the Office of the Christ!!!!!!!!!


Blessed New Year unto you, 2018!!!!!!!!!


Blessings unto One and All!!!!!!!!!


Namaskar Jah Love



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