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A Comment Tageschance Barbados, The Little Angels of the West Indies:

A Comment Tageschance


Barbados, The Little Angels of the West Indies:


The Lord Christ be Gracious unto you and Bless you

The Lord Shines down His Continance upon you and Guide and Protect you

The Lord Raises Up His Continance over you and give you Peace


The Peace of the Spirit of Peace Rest's down upon you all!!!!!!!!!


After the Hurricane Irma and Maria devestated some of the Islands in the West Indies. The little Island of Barbados and it's Government have started a Donation Campaign for the Island of Dominica. The Government of Barbados is sending in the next 24 Hours a Ship from the Barbados Defense Force with the Neccessary Items Needed for the People of Dominica who was so hardly hit by both Huricanes one after the other. Therefore is Barbados asking it's Citizens and all other Nations and Peoples to Donate (Water, Sanitary napkins, Baby diapers, Canded Food, and Botteled Water).

Take or Send your Donations to: BDF based at Garrison, or Coast Guard on Spring Garden.


While writing this, did I get the New's that Venezuela as well as Trinidad & Tobago, USAID, Canada, CDEMA, and the Red Cross are prepairing to go in and also Aid.


We Thank you all for your Greatfullness and your Mercy and God Bless you and the People of the West Indies!!!!!!!!!



Namaskar Jah Love


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