Gute Nachrichten, um die Welt neu zu sehen


Ein Kommentar Tageschance Ein Segens Gebet:


Ein Kommentar Tageschance


Ein Segens Gebet:


Der Herr sei uns Gnädig und Segnet uns


Der Herr lasset sein Antlitz auf uns herunter Leuchten und uns behüten


Der Herr erhebe sein Antlitz auf uns und schenke uns Frieden


Oh Herr gibt uns Frieden in unseren Tagen und bewahre uns von Sünde und Verwirrung


Der Friede Gottes sei mit uns alle Tagen.


Namaskar Jah Love

Poetry tageschance


Poetry tageschance

Die Quelle


Ich bin die Quelle, und ich bin in Dir -

mein Herz und dein Herzen schmelzen genau hier,

da draußen passieren die wildesten Sachen,

doch du sollst den Frieden in dir entfachen.


Alles ist Maya – alles bloß Schein,

Prüfungen nur, um dich selbst zu befreien!

Du willst Liebe sein und Liebe leben,

Liebe empfangen und Liebe geben.


Du willst durchdrungen sein von dieser Kraft,

die nährt, sich kümmert, neues Leben schafft.

Ich bin die Quelle, ich bin in dir,

mein Herz und dein Herz schmelzen genau hier


Ich schuf dich mit Deinem Willen, dem freien

Wenn Du stolperst und fällst, kann ich Dir verzeihen,

doch wenn Du tust, was dem Ganzen dient,

dann hüpft mein Herz und hat Dich lieb.


Dann werd' ich Dir mit Freuden geben,

was immer Du brauchst in diesem Leben.

Die Engel und ich werden jubilieren,

und sollte Dich doch einer verführen

wollen zu Schlechtem, Ungerechten,

dann bin ich Dein Wall und Dein Schutz in Dir drin.


Keiner darf an Dich rühren, wenn ich mit Dir bin.

Ich bin die Quelle, und ich bin in Dir -

unsere Herzen schmelzen zusammen – genau hier!



A Comment Tageschance About Crying:


A Comment Tageschance


About Crying:


Have you ever stood, or sit, or laydown or Prayed for someone, oh Meditated and suddennly something just took over you and so you started to Cry? You ask the question: What's gotten into me, and why am I Crying?

Have you ever experiance such? Surely you've asked yourself what's taken over you? Sometimes you look around to see if someone is looking and when you think that no one have seen you you thing „Man do I have luck that no one noticed it.

I remember there was once a Woman who always came to Meditation, She never missed a gathering, but was always present, and suddenly in the middle of the Meditation She would start to Cry and that the whole Meditation through until the meditation ended.

Someone who dont know what is going on, would surely think „Man is she crazy or what, She is disturbing the session. Some could get angry and just walk out of the Meditation.

But what was it that made that Woman Cry so bitterly as if She have just lost a Love one?

Julie and Sundra visited on Wednesday a Heilhouse in the Vicinity of Kassel in Germany. What is a Heilhaus? A Heilhaus is a Hospits, „Healing House“, I must sadly say that this Great Comunity have problems with the Church, seeing that the Church believes that they are practicing Esoterics and that is not good. Trully speaking, this Healing House is a Generation Hospits where pregnant Women come to bear their Children as well as those to who the Doctors say:I'm sorry but you only have 6 Months to Live, such Peoople find reffuge and Hope in this Healing Hospits. Now dont understand me wrong, not all are Healed and no Super Wonders happens there other than that those who seek Peace with God in their last days comes there seeing that the Attention there is Practiced by Professional Medical Physicians aswell as those who also Works Spiritually. Don't ask how can that be Combined with each other, School Medicine and Esoterics. Please understand that the most School Medicine most of the time only sooth the Sympthoms the Illness but the Quelle of the Illness is not found, and even when found, sometimes it's just too late. The Esoteric part of the Nurses there are to give the Spirituality back unto those Souls who have fear of death and have found no more hope in the School Medicine, but know that God have Angels in this Healing Hospits who take the fear of dying.

Any way, there was a Meditation on Wednesday and Juliana and Sundra attended the Meditation and at a certain time during the Meditation, one of the members (a Woman) started to Cry and seemed not to stop. The Lady Ursa Paul who is the Founder of this Healing Hospits and was also the Person who Conducted the Meditation, said to the Members:Please put your hands to your Hearts and lets Cry out the Pains of the World. Suddenly Frau Paul started to Cry aloud and all of a sudden, all the 150 Members (the New visitors aswell as the old Members) started also to Cry until the last Person stoped. What have just taken place there could one ask?

Just let me tell you, I've seen Great Muslim Men, Mighty and Strong Men, Men of Valour and Strength, Mighty Warriors who just throw down their Guns and started to Cried like little babies.

What have just happened there? This is the Question always asked and no one seems to understand this Phenomenon.

Now what I've just spoken of is something what takes place every day all over the World with almost every one, and if not, but some time in every ones life was such an experience at large where we taught: Hey! No shit, not with me, what's going on here? And still it happened where we Cried like a Baby and not knowing why. After they were finished with their Crying, they woke up with new Vigour and Strength and took up their Guns and went to war with Determination and new Hopes.

Just understand it's nothing to be ashamed or afraid of, it's a natural Process that each and everyone goes through or have experienced once in their Lives.

Crying is Cleansing and Purifying and Strengthens the Soul. King David once said: I Prefer the House of Mourning more than the House of Pleasure and Laughting. He knew the Healing Powers of Tears.

Please allow me to explain what is happening at such a Moment. In such Moments the Self is exposed and Open for that Healing Christus Energies what have just taken over that Person. Yes that Christ Energy, the Energy of Love for He is the Love in Personification.

Now you may ask, or may say: But Muslims dont have Christ, they have Allah or Mohamad? Well yes they do Mohamad und Allah, but Please understand that this Allah is refered or is just an other name for Maitreya who comes as Christ, Imam Mahdi, Buddha, Khrishna, Mesiahas or who ever you and your Religion may call Him. He is the same Person in all these Personalities. Why and how could this be? He once asked the question: If I should come only for the Christians, who should the Muslims, and the Buddhist, the Hindu, and the Jews and all the other Religions have? For this reason He have decided to use the Titel „The World Teacher“ rather than an other Title seeing that He is come for all!!!!!!!!! Why and howcome I'll explain in an other Comment, in a Comment to Reincarnation.

On the Day of Declaration when the Great Lord makes Himself Known unto all Humanity who He Really is, He shall do it in a form that the Whole World, every Boy and Girl, Woman and Man shall Hear His Voice as He shall Speak unto Everyone. Every Person shall Hear Him in their own Language and in their Heads, Hearts, Souls and with their own Ears and then the Whole World shall break out in Tears, for the Great Energy of His Love what the World have never experienced before in a Groupe form, shall suddenly make this Experience and there shall all Humanity surely know that for a Fact that, that Great One is Amongst us to Help Humanity!!!!!!!!!

On that Great Day we shall all be like Little Children.

We are all His and no one is without Him and in Him do we all Dwell!!!!!!!!!

He Said: I feel the Paind and the Aggony what Mankind all suffer, for this Reason have I returned at the Fastist Possible time that I could. I Hear the Cry of my Love ones and my Heart is moved with Compassion and Grace for their grief and the pain what they suffer, for all this have I return.


From the Quell of Light that dwells in the Taught of God

Stream out Light in the Hearts of Mankind

May Christ Return on Earth. Amen!!!!!!!!!


Blessed is the Christ, Blessed is the World Teacher!!!!!!!!!Amen, Amen, Amen!!!!!!!!!


Namaskar Jah Love