Gute Nachrichten, um die Welt neu zu sehen


A Comment Tageschance The World and Humanity:


A Comment Tageschance


The World and Humanity:


The World and Humanity Experiences Changes that takes place so rapidly, that Mankind askes Hm/Herself at what point of stage has Humanity and the World Manoeuvred into?


It is as if the US Elections and the new Government have changed the World.


America was Ruled the last 8 Years by the Democrats who set a Blue Print how Politics upon the Earth can be done, even when not all was Perfect, but that what was Acheived seemed Good (the Efforts to shake hands with old disputted enemies, the interest for the Wellfare of the Health of a the Citizens of a Nation, not only one Nation but as an Example for all World Citizens as a Universal Right)!


During the Campaining for Presidency in the USA, many things were said, hurtfull things what made many others not Living there sick, and causing them to ask the Question: how brutal could Mankind be against each other to acheive Power?


As we saw, heard and watch the results of it all, we see a great gap between Humanity and the Values what they set.


All this could you ask: is this what we call the sword of distinction?




Mankind is at the trench where they shall decide in which way they want to go on as a Group in the Future here on Earth. Not all shall be pleased to the decissions made by some and therefore shall protest while the others rejoice.


From here onwards, the values of the two Groups shall be weighed and be considdered as Good or Bad for all Humanity and the Planet.


All this shall serve as an Indication for the Christ to choose between thosse who are willing to Serve the Plan of God and therefore stay on the Planet, and those who care not for the Planet and Humanity as a whole with all it Colours and Races and Manifold forms which Serves as a Whole (an other Deffinittion of God in His Glory, „out of many we are one).

Any one Group who fight against this Fact could be seen as the Anti Christ. For God is Unity in Diversity and all Humanity must Understand this. Better is when all Humanity know this as a Fact which Needs to be Acknowledged, Respected and Practiced.


3 Day after the US Elections we hear and see Protest all ove the Globe as Demonstrations, (not to mention the last two Detonations in Afghanistan against the German Consul and the US air base by the Taliba) from the Hate that was Projected during the Campaining. So much hate was sent out, that it's consiquences are now being noticed.


It is also a sign for a vacume that resulted as those who taught to have won whether US Citizen or those elsewhere who believes that the new choosen Government speaks for them and serves their Ideaologies and plans, and therefore have removed very vital Initiatives for Humanity and have replaced them with not so valuable terms of Rulership. In other words, thef is taken place and the Worth of that what was stolen was replace by a cheap and unsubstancial worth which have not the Equal of the stolen Souverinity taken.

Many in the World believe that the evil have Triumphed over the Good.


How can we continue on the matter of Good Will, when all seems to be distroyed as we considder the given grounds with what we are now confronted?


A a Christion Soul, we considder the Transformation of Saul, unto Paul as Saul went up to Damaskus to Slaughter the Christians. There he Encountered Christ who spoke unto him asking him: Saul why doth thou persecuteth me? There did Saul first realize that Tenderness Conquer's Hardness, that Grace and Mercy is Stronger than Hate and Agression. That Forgiveness is Mightier than Vengance!!!!!!!!!


It is Possible that even the most cruel could obtain the Mercy of God and be brought to Considderation and Acknowledgement of God's mercy in Creation for all!!!!!!!!!


As Mr.Trump won the Elections we were all dissapointed because of the Fact how he behaved himself during the campainings.


I Ringo was asked: and now what can you do about this and how shall you go about the results and the fact?


Answer? The matter of the Fact that it turned out to be that way, is no more to be reversed seeing that it was a Democratic Election and not other. Still we should'nt go into panic hopeing the worst, or wishing the worst for the situation and the new Government, but Rather to Pray, wish and Hope the Best for him! This is neccessary that, that Government do the Good what we hoped of with the others who was not Elected for what reason ever. If we wish bad for him now, he would only fullfill all our Nightmares and fears that can happen unto Humanity and the Planet.


We Humanity must, at least all those of Good Will, we must combing our focus on the Essential Values what benifits all Humanity and the Planet Earth and all Life Forms here on it, and project these Values in Pray, Taught, Wish, Hopes and Dreams over unto that New Government, and not other than this!!!!!!!!!


It is not easy to accept such terms of thinking, but it is the way to God and the Prinzipals and Values of the Christ and what he stands for. Even untill this day after 2000 Years as Jesus said it, we still KNOW that the Day comes where the Lamb and the Wolf, the Sheep and the Dragon, the Lion and the Serpant, the Dove and the Tiger, and the Beast and the Child shall sitt and Commune and Dine in Unity and Brother and Sisterhood with eachother!!!!!!!!!


We must be Prepared to Forgive and Forget, and pass ourselves on the given Transformation, We must constantly be able to adjust ourselves unto the present situation and be prepared to Serve in Good Will and not in Hate.


We must also ask for Forgiveness for our Tresspassers as we ask for Forgiveness for ourselves.


Mr.Donald Trump awaits the Greatest Challenges of his Life, never before did a person enter such a Ministry and came out of it the same way how he went in. When Presidents are finished with their Ministry, they are labeled with a Scar and Brandmarked for Life (wether this scar be Good or Bad). After the Ruleing period, the tears and Nightmares begin wether or not one have used the given chance properly or not. For this reason doth some Governments decide to become Dictators so that they hope always to stay in power so that they can maybe correct the mistakes made, but the most of the time such rulers only get's more Radical seeing that they have lost their Directions and the Reality for the Basic and Right Values and Needs of the Folk of their Nation, seeing that the Focus of the Dictator is concentrated only on himself and not on his people. This can cause problems unto all those who stands in the Duty of Equal Rights and Justice, Peace and Dighity towards others who Think different, or who practices the Freedom of Speach or the Free Spirit.


Here are Two Examples what we mean: Take for an instance Russia and the Krimm (Ukrain). Ask Mr.Putin if his Exwife was to return and was to compell him to return back unto her, if he would return. If he should say No, and she answers in return: well if you don't, I'll take you by force. What do you think he would do? Surely he would fight against her if he's not prepared to return unto her, and nothing what she could do would be able to Influence him to return.

The given example can you also use to describe the situation between the Ukrain and Moskow, Moskow say that the Ukrain is the Husband and they are the Wife. Still we see Russia and Mr.Putin deal the way how they do with the Ukrain and turns not away from their method.


It was not the USA who closed the doors on Russia, but it was Mr.Putin himself who did it after the USA arrested one of Russia's biggest Gun dealers and Several Russian Spies living in the USA. First then did Mr.Putin ended the Relations to America, by stop sending all those Dissabeled and Homeless Children there as was practiced in the past. He even went on to Call the NGOs all those Helping Organizations who Represent the Poor and Respect Humanrights in the World „Foreign Spies“ and closed down their Offices. He himself and his Government did all this and none other!


The second Example is that of the President of Turkey. There was a time where the President of Turkey Mr.Erdogan was sentanced to Prisson as a young man because he demonstrated against the system at that time. He found it an Injustice that he was thrown into Prisson just because of his Freedom of speach and his convinced will to bring a change that he saw better for the Nation of Turkey. Today The same President are throwing others into Prisson for the same Practices what he once Practice as a Free Soul seeking a Chance to be Heard, Understood, and be Accepted.


Do unto others as you would have done unto you.


If you want to Work with Russia, go ahead and do so, but please who you are and for which Values you stand. According unto the Values you choose, you shall be Judged by God.


For every Knee shall bow and every Tounge shall Confess on that day of the Judgement of God!!!!!!!!!

The Holy Scriptures


Now Mr.Trump can go ahead to fullfill all what he said that he would do if he becomes President, and distroy the Vital and Essential Pillars for a Succfull and Advanced Nation what was given unto the American People and their Nation and bring the Greatest Dammage upon that Nation what could hit that Nation, or he can take the Present and Given Vital Values what the Democrats have set up and Build on these Values and make them Greater by Establishing them and Expanding them.

You see what Mr.Trump must understand is the Fact that, Americas Foes wanted someone in their own Middle who belongs unto that Nation that could pull them down. They believe when Donald Trump go ahead to do such, that the real foe can say: look they are distroying themselves. They hope that you Mr.Trump become the Betrayer who betray his own People, then they give you 30 pieces of silver for your betrayal and take the Souverinity of the USA and their Citizens. The Judas would hang himself after his Ministry as he realizes that he have distroyed the Future of his Nation and the Chance for a Beautifull Future for his Children and that of the other Citizens of his Nation.


We Speak unto the New President as was spoken unto the Old government as was ruled by Mr.Bush. The Masters spoke unto the CIA and the Government asking them not to go to war, seeing that the Terror attack was being planed upon the World Trade Center. The CIA and the Republican Government at that time however never took the Advice of the Masters of Wisdom, but rather went to war against the Terror and so could the Terror find it's widespread in our modern Civilzation as it has today. We ask the New President and his Government not to yeall unto the Temptations what could appear.


If the New Government was to go ahead and Build on the Values already set up by the Democrats, by Consulting with them, and SHARING Ideas how the Nation of the USA could Continue their Important Possition as a Modern Nation in our World, even the new President could by means of this doing, reach even Greater Acheivement as President Obama have Acheived. Don't forget Mr.Trump, Obamas Enemies are the Enemies who believe that they can use you to pull down not only Obama but also YOU and all America. BE CAREFULL, Mr.Trump. Not the Citizens who now Protest on the Streets of the USA are your Enemies, they only do it because they hated the things you've said, but your Foes are those who rub honey on your mouth hoping that you will follow them to start a third world war, so that you can carry the blame for their Dirty Intention to Rule the Earth and inslave all Humanity.


Considder your Taughts, for they could become your Words

Considder your Words, for they could become your deeds,

Considder your Deeds for they can become you Character

Considder your Character for it could become your Destiny!


The Kabala


Don't let People Trick you, but know and Respect the Values of Humanity and Dignify Man and Womankind in the Earth!!!!!!!!!


Stand up for Equal Rights and Justice and the Right for Democracy and Peace, Freedom of Speech as it was allowed unto you during your Campaining and the Freedom of Mind. In these Values and Virtues were you Born Mr.Trump, you Know them and have Practiced them all your Life. Now you are President Establish, them and Anchor them as God Given Virtues unto all Humanity in the Earth!!!!!!!!!


Christ is Knocking on the Door and shall not go away untill you have opened up. Open up the Door of your Heart and let Him in and He shall Dine and Commune with you!!!!!!!!!


The Christ is also with Bernie Sanders and therefore sit with him also as you would with Hillary and Obama. Continue to Build on the Given Values of the Obama Government what they have already set up, and who knows, maybe by doing this you could go down into Histories Books as the Greatest President of the USA ever. Test it if you don't believe me and see if I am lying or not, funny is, you'll only know it when your Ministry is over, but the Challange is worth it, Mr.Trump.


May God Bless you and the People of the USA that you do the Rightfull Politics and Serve the Plan of God!!!!!!!!!


Namaskar Jah Love

A Comment Tageschance The New President of the USA:


A Comment Tageschance


The New President of the USA:


We would like to say Congrats to you Mr.Donald Trump to your Triumphfull Victory in the Election for the Presidency of the USA.


We stand Firmly behind our Chanzlerin Frau Angela Merkel even when we also speak for ourselves.


We were not for you as President, but in our Democratic Free Political World of the West we're always loud and fight to acheive the best, but the Winner takes it all, and You are the Winner Mr.Trump, you and your Republican Team.


We the World Citizens Hope that all what was said during the Campaining from you about Races (Women, Latinos, and others, Climate. etc) would be considdered and more Respect would be shown unto all those others.


Mr.Trump, now that you are President, you'll see how hard it is to sit on that Chair, it's very Hottt and dreams don't come through as you thing and wish. Politics is not a normal bussiness, there's a Great deal of Energies who shall be Booming and Storming your Brain and very Important Decissions must be made. We Hope you make the right ones, because once made, you can't reverse them, therefore Think Carefully what you'll be doing next and which Decission you shall make.


Unite the People of the USA and spread Brotherhood amongst Brothers and Sisters of that Nation.


Unite the World and not Devide it.


Respect Humanity and the Needs of Humanity for Peace and Harmony, not through War but through Deplomacy and Understanding.


Care for the Health of the Citizens of your Nation seeing a Sick and Ill Nation is not Productive.


See to it that Education be Established as a Basic and Universal Right for all Citizens of the USA, for an uneducated People can never be advance when it comes to the Development of that Nation.


Housing and Hygeene and the Wellfare of you Nation you should put First as a President.


Feed your Citizens and see to it that they don't go to bed hungry. Children who go to Scool Hungry can't Learn Properly because they are Unconcentrated.


The People of the USA have made their Choice and as hard as it may be, we must accept it.


Mr.Trump, if you are willing to Work with us, we shall Work with you, but as you know, we Live in a Democracy and when we see you do Stupidness, we'll be LOUD.


By the way, „We The People is my Speach“ you Stole it but it's ok. We know how to forgive and Forget seeing that we know that there's a great deal of mistakes what you yourself and your Republican Government shall make as President, even you Mr.Trump are Human and is not perfect.


Do your Best Mr.Trump and show Respect to the Values, the Integrity, Human Rights and the Dignity of all Humanity!!!!!!!!!


Respect the Natural Inviourment of our Planet, and understand, „Climate Change is not a Joke“. Do all you can do to Heal the Planet from Polution Mr.Trump!!!!!!!!!


Our last Advice is, „Don't let Hate be your Guide“!!!!!!!!!


We are watching you.


May God Bless you as next President of the USA.


God Bless the USA.


Namaskar Jah Love

A Comment Tageschance The USA Part II :


A Comment Tageschance

GeorgeTown University:


Blessed is the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who have Restored Honour and Glory unto the Doors and the Rooms and the Halls of the George Town University!!!!!!!!!

Praise the Lord on High for he doeth Wonders!!!!!!!!!

Dear GeorgeTown University, because you have Restored the Honour of the Slaves who have Built your Walls and have opened your Doors and Gates and Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding unto my Black People, be Prepared to Accept the Masters who shall Live and Teach and Advice your Students and shall Serve as Teachers and Proffessors in your Walls and Class Rooms and your Books!!!!!!!!!

Some of the Greatist and most Outstanding Scollars shall come out of your Gates and shall Teach the World from the Great Knowledge and Wisdom what they have Learned in your Gates!!!!!!!!!

Blessed be you oh George Town University!!!!!!!!!

Blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!


Namaskar Jah Love



A Comment Tageschance

The USA Part II :


We've Numbered the Great Works of the Present President Barack Obama and his Democratic Party of the USA and we've came to one of the most Amazing results what a President and his Party have ever Achieved in his/it's period of Rule.

Never before was a President and his Party so Successfull as the Present Government of the USA, and therefore we see it Neccessary that the Present Democratic Government Continue their Rule of Great Principals and Great Works, only with a New Presidentin, seeing that the Constitution of the USA allows only maximal, 8 Years for the Rule of one President and no longer.

These are the Great Works of President Barack Obama and his Democratic Party of the USA:

  1. The first Health Care Reform what covers the widescale Health Responsability for over 50 Million US Citizens from all walks of Life Living there in the USA!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Newly signed Agreement for the Co² Emmission to fight Greenhouse Gasses, what is distroying our Planet and the Lives of Millions causing Cancer and other Dreadfull Illnisses!!!!!!!!!

  3. The Inviormental and Natural Protection of Wild Life, like the Great Mountain of the Native Indians what was given back it's Original Name „The Great One“. This Gesture brought Peace and Dignity and Respect back to the Native Indians of Alaska and all those Native Indians all over the USA. White Buffallo Woman, all this I've dne for you and all my Native Brothers and Sisters!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Land that was Officcially and Legally Signed by the Government at that time and given over unto the Native Indians and was Stolen from them by the hands of „Daniel Boon“ through False and Deciving Contracts, was given back unto those Native Indians as the President Barack Obama Invited those Natives into the White House and made a Decreed that their Land shall be Restored back unto them (The Rightfull Owners)!!!!!!!!!

  5. The over 50 years conflict with Cuba was Solved through a Peace Agreement and have Restored the Honour and Dignity of the Cuban People who once was Seperated. Not only that, but it have Path the way for New Great Relations and the Reestablishment of Trade between both Nations and their Folks!!!!!!!!!

  6. A Long Conflict what was standing between the USA and Iran was Replace through Peace, Deplomacy, Democracy and Dignified Respect between both Nations and their Fantastic Gonernments as done with Cuba!!!!!!!!!

  7. The Biggest Agreement to Assist Africa in the Fight against Hunger and to better the Relation between the USA and Africa!!!!!!!!!

  8. The Biggest Contract was just made by President Barack Obama and his Democratic Government to Protect the Biggest Ocean Life in the South Passiffic Ocean on our Planet which withhold Millions of Ocean and Sea Life on the Planet Earth!!!!!!!!!

  9. General Motors Lives again and the Industry and the Financial Treasury is Refilled and Jobs are at Lagred, and the USA is already „Big“ and need not some one who behaves themself as a „TRAMP“ to do this!!!!!!!!!

As we've mentioned above, Never before did the World see such a President and such a Party as the Democratic Party of the USA and therefore that all these Great Works be Continued, do we see it Neccessary that the Next President of the USA, be the First Woman to ever Rule that Ministry. The Presidentin Hillary Clinton, the Frist Woman to imbody that Office of Presidency!!!!!!!!!

Ringo/Charles Worked over the Years together hand in hand with her and know's her well and Speak out for her seeing that she is Obediant when spoken to!!!!!!!!!

With Berny Sanders and Obama as Councellor and Adviser at her side she, can Acheive even Greater things as Obama even acheived!!!!!!!!!

Why? Even Jesus told us that we shall do Greater things as he did, I mean what Greater things can we do as that Jesus have already done? He's the Greatist, but if he said so, then so shall it be!!!!!!!!!

Hillary Clinton shall tave our Advice and Listen to the Voice of the Masters to Fullfill the Plan of God and to Establish Maitreya's Priorities as the Pope Francis and the Dali Lama is already doing, and she shall keep her eyes on the Sparrow!!!!!!!!!

She and the Democrats are Worthy and Good and shall Continue the Successfull and Good Works of Obama to Fight Climat Change and to Combat Injustice and the Violation of the Basic Humanrights of all World Citizens!!!!!!!!!

She shall go ahead to make Education, Propable Houseing, Medical Health Care and Hyginical facilities, and a Ballanced Nutrition for all World Citizens, beginning at home in the USA as a Universal Right for All Humanity. By this doing many shall follow this Principal of Presidentin Hillary Clinton!!!!!!!!! These Prinzipal are the Priorities of Maitreya Buddha the Christ!!!!!!!!!

We are Proud to Wellcome the First Woman President of the USA Mrs.Hillary Clinton and her Great Democratic Party!!!!!!!!!HalleluJah, HalleluJah, HalleluJah, HalleluJah, HalleluJah, HalleluJah, HalleluJah, HalleluJah, HalleluJah, Amen, Amen, Amen!!!!!!!!!

Let's Heal our Broken World and Rebuild the Broken Bridges and Restore the Peace and Harmony between Humanity, rather than Segrigate and Hate and Racism!!!!!!!!!

The People must know and Understand that what we now see in Turkey and Russia and Hungry where the Freedom of Speach and the Rights of the Media is controlled by one Person who only let his Program be shown and the rest of the Nation is keept in Darkness and Lies and False Pride and Injustice and False Practices and Oppression and all what Dictators can do to a People to inslave them, should not come to the USA, seeing that we are the Free World!!!!!!!!!

The Wicked and Criminal Dictators of the World are asking for Donal Trump so that he Close down the Media and buy out the TV stations in the USA and Imprisson all Free Journalist and Murder those who Speaks out for Equal Rights and Justice, BUT NOT WITH US, WE SHALL FIGHT FOR THE RIGHTS OF ALL HUMANITY AS A FREE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

In the last SHARE International News paper ( , the Master speaks from the End of Dictatorship!!!!!!!!!

The Wicked shall Sleep 1000 Years during the Rule of the Christ in the Earth as written in the Holy Scriptures of the Revelation, it be that the Dictators and Racist change their wicked ways today and Repent from their wickedness!!!!!!!!!


Blessed is the Hillary Glinton and the Democratic Party of the USA!!!!!!!!!

Blesses are the Peoples of the USA!!!!!!!!!

Blessed are the Peace Keepers, for they shall be called the Children of God!!!!!!!!!

Namaskar Jah Love