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From depts and blame, from dept cuts and the basic income for all


From depts and blame, from dept cuts and the basic income for all


The lexicon dtv mentions two different meanings of dept and blame:

  1. The awareness towards the comandment of obligation, the awareness to have broken a moral norm (to carry blame).

  2. The obligation between a debtor and his/her creditor and the debt what should be paid.


It is on the time to take a focus on the meaning of the words debt and blame, in order to obliterate them from between the debtor and the creditor, the blamed and the person/s who blames, and to do that on a Global basis. To achieve this aim, everyone is asked to participate!

Everyone have made the experiance sometime in their Life, where they felt themselfs guilty towards someone else, or in debt of some neglected or forgotten obligation.

We believe: that it is on the time, to think a new, by making an splendid Worldwide debt/blame obliteration, be it moral, or a financial on.

What a wonderfull World it would be, when everyone act as it is said in the Lords pray: forgive us our debt as we forgive our debtors. What a burden would fall from the shoulders of millions: even though he/she have done me wrong, from the depts of my Heart, I forgive them. Even when you bully me on the job, still I pardon you. Even when you have insulted me, still do I forgive you. You owes me this amount of money, but I do realize that you have a financial problem and can't pay the sum, and therefore because I have more than you do, just let it be and forget your debt.

Just imagine the sound of relief of the In and exhaling as well as the feeling of relaxation in the Hearts of the Millions Worldwide who is suddenly free from blame and debt, wether it be Nations or Individuals as we all forgive each other.

Debt, blame and guilt creates a burden what presses one to the ground. It's as if gravity is hanging on the debt or the blame and pulls one faster down. They are a sickniss which eat's one from within and steals ones energy. Oh how good would it be if he/she could forgive me my trespasses, do we find ourself saying.

That would be the first obliteration on which all Individuals can be part of.

The secons obliteration would be amongst Nations, Clans and Groups.

Without a Consiquent Collective Obliteration, there would be no Justice or Peace on the Earth. Terrorism and war, as well as Hunger, Sicknesses, Illiteracy, and homelessness, would always be a treat unto a Peacefull and Harmonious Life on our Planet and would more likely to dominate the headlines of the media. The floods of Refugees would over swim many Nations seeking Refuge and Shelter and way and means to stand their Responsabilities as a Family member or as a Person who is conscious of their Responsabilities. What if the rich white Western Nations who suffered Africa the last 400 years by slaving and exploiting their Resorces, Free these Poor People from the hands that Financially strangles them and make a Consiquent Obliteration.

Just imagine what Wonderfull Results would follow when all Nations, Clans, or Groups, could be Free from the debt/blame conviction, what blocks them and deprive them of a good life. Obliteration of all debt/blame would give these Nations, Clans and Groups the possibility to Grow and Develop, to gain Self-awareness and be Selfconscious, and become more Courageous and be more Motivated towards, Working Together and Sharing in their Societies. No Nation, Clan, or Group should owe anyone anything seeing that all is Pardoned, no matter how poor or how rich they are. When we consider the problems, for example in Nations like Africa, Asia, South America and even in Europe (Greece), are our own problems, we would start to act more Responsable. If we really see ourselves as the stronger part of the Humanrace and be prepared to assist the poorer part of this Race instead of exploiting these weak ones, first then can we really call ourselves Real Humanbeings. When we continue to see to it that the Resources are Equally Shared and we here in the West just not exploit the so-called Third World Nations who becomes nothing in return, but Equally Share with fairness the Fruits of the Harvest, we would have found the Solution to fight Terrorism and Fundamentalism. The Christ Maitreya once said: We need to tend to the Needs of our Brothers and Sisters, for by doing this we would have solved our own Problems.

However there is an aspect about debt/blame, what is the hardest to forgive:the aspect blood-guilt, when one Folk blames an other Folk for Genocide or other war crimes done against them, and therefore seeks revenge. Such acts of agressions do we see world wide. An example is Israel and Palistina, Sunits and Shihits. How often were the blacks slaved through the whites or other Nations. Through out Mankinds History, we have always fought wars against others and the others seek after years, even into our modern age of today their revenge for yesterday.

Also here, at this present point of life are we asked, dispite the diversities of colour of skin, or of eyes, or Nationality. We need to practice forgiveness, the Russians towards the USA and as well as the USA towards the Russians. The Turks with the Armanians and the Kurds as well as the other way arround etc, etc. In this manner the Ligitimacy

to do Terror would be taken away from the Terrorist and therewith path the way for real Peace. Jesus once mentioned in the Holy Scriptures as he was asked: how many times can one forgive his debtor? He answered: 70 times 7.

Lets beginn to Practice Forgiveness today here by us!


And now do we reach the last point of our Topic, that plays an most important role for many who wishes to live in a World without Hunger, Poverty, and Social Injustice: The Global-Basic-Income for all, without regard to Race and without any Conditions or strings attatched. The Idea of this Prinzip is simple as well as enticing: when everyone could have a basic financial income, then we could see how fast poverty, crime and Illnisses would vanish from the Earth.

A Pilot Project to Impliment an unconditional basic-income is planed to take place very soon in Finnland and in Switzerland, it is very high on the Political Agenda of the year 2016. Finnland will take it to the road in 2017, as Switzerland shall go in Sommer 2016 to the ballots to vote for this Project.

In many Nations, there's a great interest and discussions towards this Theme. Around the 70ies in the USA, there was a try to Impliment such a Project what was Scientifically escorted, but was stoped in the middle of the process by the Republicans. The Scientific studies could'nt be concluded and therefore failed it's aim.

Even in Namibia (Africa) there was such an experiment: a Village became yearly with the help from the Catholic Church for a consecutive number of years, 10 Euros weekly, recond and exchanged in their currency it would be over 100 of their dollars per person what they recieved. The Result: The Village had enough to eat, the Children were able to go to school instead of having to do child work to help the Family what is normal in such poor villages of the World. Last but not least, the crime rate sank to the lowest ever and all were Happy!

How could one Finance such a project: In Germany for an example it's easy to do. We Invest yearly 1 Trillion for social wellfare. With this enorm amount of money, every citizen could have an income from 1000 Euros monthly.

Now one could think that people get's lazy and unproductive by such projects, but shown is the opposite. The people living in such projects are more Active, Vital, Productive and Creative as normal. We must think about all the Volunteers who work and help so many and that,World wide, with pleasure, and without being payed, but because they can afford it.

In a Modern and Technological World as we do have today, Millions experiance the lost of Jobs because of new Computers and Maschines what have taken their places. Where should these people go, what shall they do?

Now when we really consider all these processes: the Indiviual and Global Forgiveness from blame, the obliteration from debt, and the unconditional basic-financial-income for all Humanity, Mankind can walk in a future World of splender and glory. Lets free ourselves from debt and blame. Lets start to forgive and forget the wrongs of the past, this is a roadmodel with what all Humanity can begin with today and prepare the Golden age for our Children of tomorrow.


Namaskar Jah Love

Grundeinkommen für Alle: Langzeitexperiment über fünf Jahre erfolgreich und trotzdem abgebrochen!

Liebe Leute,

wie ihr wisst, hat die tageschance schon mehrfach über das Grundeinkommen für Alle plädiert, schon vor Jahren...

Gestern den 18.11.2015 wurde in einem Film der Sendung "nano" (3Sat) auf das 1974 in Kanada vorgenommene Langzeitprojekt, das Mincom-Projekt hingewiesen. Es lief über fünf Jahre, und die Menschen hörten nicht etwa auf zu arbeiten (schärfstes Argument der Gegner), nein: sie wurden auch viel weniger krank als vorher... Die Vorteile waren so erdrückend, dass das Projekt  vorzeitig abgebrochen wurde (natürlich von den Konservativen, die die Demokraten abgelöst hatten) und die Forscher keine Gelegenheit mehr hatten, ihre Daten wissenschaftlich haltbar auszuwerten. Vielleicht hätte das so manches viel früher verändern können, doch bitte informiert euch selbst und fangt an, das Grundeinkommen zu fordern! Es wird Zeit!

Macht Euch schlau und lasst uns für das Grundeinkommen kämpfen! Vielleicht sogar mit einer neuen Kampagne... Schickt uns eure Vorschläge und Recherchen, wir veröffentlichen sie dann. Gemeinsam sind wir stark.

Namaskar Jah Love

Euer tageschance-team

Anniversary of the UN

We congratulate the United Nations to their 70th anniversary, a little late, but with all our heart!

We believe, that  the solutions of the World's biggest problems only can be solved by the memberstates of this Union.

We, the people of the World, want the UN to abolish poverty and war and to fight for equal rights and justice all over the Planet!!!

We hope, that the United Nations represent in the future the strongest instrument against opression and injustice.  Be as helpful as we want you to be!

The Lord Almighty may bless the UN

Namaskar Jah Love