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A Comment Tageschance Paradoxons:


A Comment Tageschance




Paradoxons are most Controversive within their Retorical Structures, and places it's deffinittion as Logical and yet Unlogical. It's like the Magician who let's the penny dissapear before your eyes.

There are things in Life what causes headaches, whereas, there's not a problem to want to have headaches over, seeing that their is always a Solution, Suited for Every problem. It's just to Accept the Solution. Or to come on the Solution.

You see, we Live in a World full of People and many other things that wishes to exist. Just as simple as that. Every Life Force seeks it's form of existance, and when we try to Extract rather than to Transform, we encounter problems.

Take for an example, the question: how can a one hand clap? Can a one hand clap?

Yes, a one hand can clap, when the Fingers are slapping on the palm, but it won't be as laud as if it were two hands clapping. Still, the immagination that two hands are needed to clap as usual, you can say that the case is at the statement of the question closed in itself, as a fullcomming riddle. The question answeres itself and is already answered in it's asking. You get me.

Even when we believe that we can get along all alone, like the one hand trying to clap as if it was two, it askes more Humilliation.

We need eachother in Respect and Dignity to recognize ourself as One dispite our Individualities of Self.

If the Humanrace would Confront themselves at the Tables of Dialogs in Peacefullness, Deplomacy and Dignity towards eachother, this would be a Great beginn of Right Relationships towards one and all.

As the USA decided to go up against the Talliban and other groups, what they never Kalculated was the expansion of groth whereas if it was five thousand, it would have now multiplied to fivehundred thousand Worldwide.

The only way to Fight Teror is to Share the Resources with the Peoples of your Nations, so that they can Identify themselves with their Inviourment on a Local, Rigeonal and International basis. Open the Doors for your People to Educate them and Help them to become World Citizens as fellow Brother/Sister with other Nations and Peoples.

We must Invest the Money in Food and Wellfare and not in guns and bombs.

Even if you don't Live the Lifestyle of the other, still you can talk with that person.

Even if you should shake the hand of the Person who you believe to be evil, still this won't change or reverse that Persons judgement what they have prepared for themselves by doing what they have done.

Fear is the main barrier which stands between us. We fear the confrontation eye to eye in a Peacefull Dialog. It is time that we chill. Chill down and dont get jumpy.

We must learn to cool the Herbs down, sit and smoke a peace pipe and become Brothers.

It is said that it takes a little Soul to keep Order, but the Genious overblicks the chaos. I think that the Masters of Wisdom have the Blick and we must put our trust in them.

Funny as it may sound, some people would like to have a third World war so that they can tell their Grand Children that they were there as the bombs fell. I mean, Hey! No one would be left over to tell anyone anything! Paradox.

Imagine all the Women who were raped and kidnaped by terrorgroups and were made pregnant, just imagine after a time these terrorguys were killed in fightings, and then Reincarnated as the Children of those raped Women, to suffer and be tormented in the system what they have created? If this was a fact and you knew it, would you still Help those People on a Humanitarian basis, and give them a new chance through paying more attention to their Needs and sowith prevent them from going astray?

Sri Sathya Sai Baba once told a True Story what once happened in Life, and it goes like this: A Daughter once lived with her Father. He was a brutal man and would rape his daughter always. One good day he died, his daughter was happy. The years however went on until one day she also died. She then Reincarnated in an other Life being born as a Man who one day had a daughter who apparently was her Father out of the Life before. What do you think happened? The same thing took place over and over again to about 3 Reincarnations until, one day one of them came to the Idea that it is a Crime against the other. Before this knowledge, both of them were wondering through darkness, but as they decided to stop it, it was because they did had found the Light. It is near to each other, „to go with the feelings, or, to let the feelings go.“

It is said that when White People hate Black People that this is called Racism, but what do you call it when Black People hate White People.

When White People hate Black People, they die and Reincarnate in that colour what they hated in the other Life. Today your White and tomorow you're Black, but the day comes when the question is asked, are you ready to lay down your hate and your prejudice wether in a White Skin or a Black Skin?

I was asked why do I Bless everyone. My answer is that when everyone have become their equal Share, then I see no need for Robb and Thef and Discord or Hate, but more for Equality of Chance, all the Beautifull things what one could do when they becomes a Blessing. People must be given the Chance to Participate, get involve in Communication and be a part of Life.

If Everyone was to Bless Eachother the World would be much Better!

In the Old Testament of the Bible, it is said that the Great King David of Israel had a relationship with the son of King Saul, before he was given the Throne of the then Former King. It is said that both the boys, David and Johnathan were always seen together, they understood themselves quite well. One day there was a war where both Johnathan and his Father Saul fell in the fightings and died. The message was brought to David and he cried seven days and seven nights for he Loved King Saul very much but his Love for Johnathan was more than as that of the Love for a Woman.

Hearing that, one could believe that David and Johnathan had a Sexual affair. What if the affair was based on an other subject as to ask the question if David and Johnathan the Reincarnation of the two Sons of Naomi who left her land because of a Famine, where in the Foreign her Husband, and her two Sons died and therefore she told her Daughters in Law, your Husbands are dead, my two Sons, now go back to your Fathers house. The one wife said ok and went, but the other, Ruth said unto her Mother in Law: where you go I shall go and where ever you sleep I will sleep, your God is my God and mines is yours and yours is mines. Imagine that the two Sons of Naomi could have then Reincarnated the one in the house of King Saul as his Son Johnathan and David as the other son in his Father Jessie's house who is the Son of Ruth. Could you Imagine such ortodox Methods in Evolution?

Just Imagine that David and Johnathan recognized themselves and knew who they were in the Life before and therefore the Love amongst them was a Love between Brothers and nothing else?

We always tend to prejudge and hope that our judgements never fail, but we must first learn to observe and ask the question; but what if?

It is so that in Life we already know the answers to the most of the questions, but we also tend to neglet them because it seems boring to use the simple solutions or to take the good old advice. Why?

Could a Butterfly flap it's wings somewhere in Japan and causes by this doing a Tornado in some where in Arisona? Is there a StringThing between this connecting these Giographical points?if Seeing is believing, well, Knowing is Surity.


Can We Spread our LOVE out so that the conflicts of Humanity can be Solved?

Yes We CAN!!!!!!!!!


Namaskar Jah Love


A Comment Tageschance About Respect partTwo:


A Comment Tageschance


About Respect partTwo:


Respect is a Virtue and not a burden

Respect is a Blessing and not a curse.


How can we begin to Practice Respect?

To Wake Up in the Morning and Greet the Day with a Smile!

It is the Day, what Gives us the Neccessities to Exist the Time in Space and Room in this Day that makes it so Important, as to Greet the Opertunity to Experiance Life in a Span of a Day. The Chance to Go to New Places and See Beautifull New Things. To Understand Them and to Grow in them.

All this can one Experiance in a Day!

How to Begin the Day?

Take the Time to get yourself Ordered after getting up.

The Coffee Maschine what you filled up last Night, you only have to press the Button and in 10 Minutes is the Coffee ready to be drunkt, but in the meanwhile as the Coffee is being brewed you can wash yourself, while doing this try to emagine a song you Love most, what means a lot to you and just begin to sum this Melody in your head and be Happy while mummm this Melody, you Look in the Mirror and say to yourself I am Beautiful and Thank you Lord for Providing this Priviledge of the Beauty what you Provides from within. Oh yea, maby that sounds a little too Spiritual, ok, what about saying to yourself I'm going to make this Day a Beautifull Day! Drink a Coffee and get your Taughts Collective and as Based as Possible, just try to Emagine how Wonderfull this New Day Shall be; while hearing the Sweet Fav Melody in your Head of Great Ideas and Taughts. These Taughts are like Needs which have a Ego to feed. This Ego is there to give you that daring drive to go about your Duties with Intensity of Will Power, wanting, To. To Acheive, to Aspire and to Adventure the Possibilities of Trodding into Engagements of all Features and Forms. To Exolore and Examine even when of a Analytical basis to Understand the Inviourment in what you stands and it's Behaviour, to Adjust yourself to the Flow and the Rythum, and Live the Day in Harmony with the Day and everything what you Encounted during and at the End of that Day. Let it Work for you and Expands itself by Practicing this form of Lifestyle on a Daily Basis.

The Process of Doing:

Emagine every one you see, you give a Smile, 90% of the Times you'll get a Smile in Return. It's like Looking into a Mirror. You really see Yourself who you really are.

To say Good Morning Mam/Sir is not taking anything from anyone, it's just a Gesture of Kindness and Respect. This is Dued to Each and EveryOne. To speak out the Words Good Morning is already a Blessing unto you from the Moment you Taught to do that. It's like riding ahead of the Time before you. Your Good Taught have hurried up unto the Place of your Arrival and have Path the Way for your Arrival, and therefore this Possitive Energy have gone out like a Wave of Light in a Spektrum of a Beautifull Color. We dont see all this with the Normal Eyes but as my Master Benjamin Creme ( once said: We most tend to render to the Stoffs what we know as hard Material, Liquid, and Gass forms, but beyond these three Stoffs or forms, there are other forms what need also to be Adventured, but the most of it is only vissable with a Third Eye what reveals what's behind the Curtains of Evolution. The Elementare of the Most Fine Elements are still Secrets for Scientist and Astronomikers. This Energy though unseen is Evident as one realizes that the room shines Brighter.

When you get to the Job, Greet the Collegues and be Collegual. Bring the Collegue a Coffee or a sweet or little Chochlate, or Share a Pack of Bisquits with the Staff, everyone gets one as a Motivations Kick to start the Day; it's Nice when one feels that they are Recognized and Accepted as WellComming to be Addressed. It Ties as Colligues and draws the Group Stronger Together and by this doing the Produktivity Multiplies for the sake that everyone got a Biscuit and not that all was ate by one Person all alone, or some one have gotten more than the other, and even when, laugh over that, be Contented with the Kindness of the Person who gave, be Happy about that what was given you, feel Yourself Blessed. It is Better to have Shared the Pack of Biscuits as to eat them all alone. Do this and you'll recognize that you've just Saved the Day of your Collegue, or maybe gave that Person the missing Vitamin, the Right Moment, that Person Feels Suddenly that Someone have Recognize Him/Her. Finally, and, a burden is fallen, the burden of fear not to have been heard or seen. Sometimes it's just a lack of sleep and a cup of Coffee was the right thing. Even when you Notice such as if your Collegue is tired, then bring Him/Her a Coffee and just the Gesture of this doing, is the Basic Principal of a Healthy Human Understanding towards Eachother Established. Have you ever Notice that some People feel as when they are not getting enough Attention and so they sit before the TV and check a lot of Hospital and Doctor Films and sometimes find symphaty with the Actor and make themselves sick hoping to could get such Attention as what the Patient gets in the Film, but who knows the fact of it, it's not like that in Reality, seeing that the Staff have no Time to talk with the Patient, but this hope of the Patient is there and therefore seeks to be Rescued. The most of these sicknesses are caused through Taught, which Expresses itself on a PsychoSymathrical plane and Synthoms then occures. Also such Persons wishes Attention and a Smile and a Hallo and a Howdy, a Hug a Handshake.

Athority Figures:

If you are a Boss and you've gotten a New Worker in the Firm, no matter what Position the new Worker have taken, still it is in your Interest to Greet that Person Personally and Present yourself and get Aquanted with that Person and Wellcome Him/Her in the Company and bring him to His/Her Supervisor who will explain things (his/her Ppossition an their duties and the pause ect) the details. This is Important and Very Neccessary for the Athority Figure of the Company. The Workers in reply and in reaction having the Honour of the Boss, Personally is Filled with Esteeme and Glorification and is more likely to be Extra Motivated to give their best, for the simple sake that they can Identify themselves with this First Contact and the Company!

Wow I Shook the Hand of the Boss, that Boss becomes the Greatest Boss of the World. You are not Scared of being Wellcoming. You Speak well about the Boss, what can a Boss want more as to have a Respectfull Name? The Wise King of Israel King Solomon once said: A Good Name is sometimes, in some cases better, than pocket money.


Respect can Demonstrate itself in so many Forms that can mend broken Bridges and Sooth some Weary Souls. Practice it and you would Notice that it Changes the Whole Oppinion towards most things and suddenly People are no more Ugly or Bad but are Beautifull to Look Upon and when you've realize this, First then you would have Realized how Beautifull and Worthy of Dignity you are, see that this Beauty is comming from the Heart within you yourself.

The Singer Guy Clark once sang a song called: come from the Heart


You got to Sing, like you dont need the Money,

you got to Love like you'll never get hurt,

you got to dance like nobody's watching,

it got to come from the Heart if you want it work.


Namaskar Jah Love







A Comment Tageschance Respect:


A Comment Tageschance




To Respect, is to Accept the wish of the other, how or who , He/She wishes to be.


To show Respect, is to pay Attribute to Generosity and kindness.


To be Respectfull, is to Acknowledge the Integrity of the others.


Respectfullness is Dignifying.


Respect is not fear, but Respect is Honour.


Respect is Frendly.


Respect is Kind.


To show Respect, is to Acknowledge, that all Humanity are Brothers and Sisters of One Race.




Namaskar Jah Love